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Super Active Form of Phytotherapy

Gentle Cellular Detoxification & Drainage

By Dr. Farzad Farahmand

Phytotherapy is defined as the study of the use of adult plant extracts as medicinal or health promoting agents.  The term Gemmotherapy, formerly known as Phyto-Embryo-Therapy, refers to the study of the therapeutic effects of the embryonic, or the developing part of the plant tissue, such as young shoots, rootlets and fresh buds of plants, as opposed to the different components of the whole adult plant such as leaves, stem, flowers, and more.   Gemmotherapy is often referred to as the super active form of Phytotherapy, since bud extracts and other embryonic tissues contain cells that are in the dividing stages, packed with powerful Life (Vital) force, intelligent energy and the genetic information needed to develop into an adult plant. 


The research on the embryonic parts of plants began in Belgium in the 1950’s, but it wasn’t until 1971 when the term Gemmotherapy was coined by the French Medical doctor, Dr. Max Tetau who after extensive Pharmacological and analytical studies coined the term, Gemmotherapy.


The study of the Pharmacological properties of Gemmotherapy, and assessments of the activity of the fresh buds as compared to the ingredients isolated from the whole plant, has put Gemmotherapy therapeutically far ahead of Phytotherapy.  The powerful potential of a single embryonic cell of a bud in dividing stages to become the whole plant, with all its genetic information, gives it the potential to achieve favorable therapeutic results with much smaller dosages.  These embryonic tissues are in a phase where their cells multiply rapidly.  They contain more Genetic information or Nucleic Acid than other tissues, in addition to being rich in nutrients such as Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes and more.


Embryonic extracts in Gemmotherapy can have multiple therapeutic benefits, including nourishing, detoxifying and regenerating the cells of our body, revitalizing organs and systems in our body, as well as helping to drain, remove or eliminate toxins from the body.   In addition the extracts can be helpful in dissolving and getting rid of scar tissue in the body.  In this article, I will discuss the multiple benefits of Gemmotherapy, in particular its detoxification and drainage properties, as well as briefly explaining how the medicines are prepared and prescribed.  So let us begin….




Gemmotherapy is recognized as a super active, natural and Non-Toxic modern approach to the gentle and subtle cellular cleansing, detoxification and drainage.  It provides a modern and advanced method of drainage, perfectly adapted to the illness being treated.  Through the use of diluted organic substances, the toxins, cellular debris and metabolic waste products that have been accumulated in the cells over the years causing pain, other illnesses and genetic modifications, are extracted from the cells outward to the exterior, thus providing the avenues for the passage of Light (Life) Force, or the electromagnetic field through the cells.  Gemmotherapy has earned the nickname, the body’s cellular chimneysweeper, or the cellular chimney cleaner that can revive dying cells.  Gemmotherapy also facilitates or helps with the better utilization or action of other medications, including prescription medications, since it can purify the body at a cellular level, to improve cell to cell communication and the flow and exchange of Life (Vital) force and Light within and in between the cells.


Chronic Physical, Emotional and Neurological Illnesses such as Arthritis, Diabetes, Obesity, Depression, Anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson, Atherosclerosis or clogged arteries that can lead to Hypertension and ultimately Heart attacks, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Insomnia and more, can all result from gradual cell intoxication over time.  Theses illnesses may gradually be caused by the chronic use of prescription medication, alcohol abuse, consumption of tobacco, over consumption of coffee or soda & caffeinated drinks, consumption of unhealthy food & water, addiction to recreational drugs, and more.  Toxins tend to weaken the energy flow and the Light or the electromagnetic field in the Chakras.



Harmful effect of Toxins and Toxic Debris to Cells


Toxins can create a block to the flow of Light (Life Force), also known as Bioenergy within and in between the cells, impairing both the function of the cells, and the communication that is needed from cell to cell, to ensure proper Tissue, Organ and System function.  Toxins can also interfere with the electrolytic balance in the cells, particularly in nerve cells or neurons, blocking the passage of ions, therefore diminishing nerve transmission.


Just as Physical toxins can impact and impair cell function, there are also non-physical factors such as Emotions, feelings and thoughts that can as well serve as toxins, leaving an impact on the cells.  For example, the process of living with and experiencing fear, doubt, anger, and negative thoughts, whether real or imagined, for a prolonged period of time, is analogous to ingesting unhealthy food or abusing drugs or alcohol.  When the cells of our body are full of physical toxins from our modern day lifestyles, plus the mental fears, uncertainties, anxieties and other negative energies, severe cellular blockages can take place, leading to Depression and other mental and Brain related disorders.  Specific Gemmotherapy protocols can address psychological problems from fears and phobias to obsessions, loss of memory, concentration & attention, and more.


The percentage of the flow of Life Force or Light in the cells, directly correlates to the percentage of the physical and non-physical toxic substances and frequencies that we allow to build up in our physical body.  Therefore, physical toxins and negative thoughts result in an opacification or a blockage in the cells, resulting in tissue, organ and system damage, and ultimately illness.  The gentle detoxifying action of Gemmotherapy is a Natural, effective and Non-toxic method of treating and preventing many illnesses and dysfunctions without any uncomfortable side effects.



Gemmotherapy as a cell nutrient provider


The embryonic cells and tissues such as the bud are rich in nutrients and Anti-oxidants (Anti-aging agents).  Gemmotherapy is capable of delivering a variety of nutrients to the cells, including Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Trace Elements, hormones and Amino Acids. 




Once the toxins exit out of the cells, Gemmotherapy stimulates the removal of toxins from the body through the elimination organs such as the kidneys and the Digestive system.



Organ Revitalization


Gemmotherapy can target to revitalize specific organs and therefore whole systems in the body, including the kidneys, Liver, Heart, Pancreas, Lungs, Intestine and more.  The revitalization process at the cellular level can improve overall function, as well as help in prevention of illness in the long run.


Preparation of Gemmotherapy drops


The embryonic or the young part of the plant once harvested in the Springtime, is placed in a mixture of Glycerin and alcohol.  The mixture of bud, alcohol and glycerin is left to macerate for 21 days, after which the Glycerinated macerate is prepared and diluted according to the official Homeopathic dilution preparation.  The dilutions are of very low potency of 1 X (1DH), which is one part per 10.  This dilution is the medicinal product of the Gemmotherapy remedies.


Gemmotherapy prescription


Gemmotherapy drops are typically prescribed to be taken once a day, 50 drops in 1/3 cup of water.  Several Gemmotherapy remedies can be prescribed at once, however, once each bottle is finished, that usually concludes the Gemmotherapy specific for that particular remedy, with no need to continue taking another bottle of that remedy.



Most effective stage to use Gemmotherapy


Gemmotherapy remedies are prepared according to the official Homeopathic dilution preparations.  The dilutions are only 1 X or 1 DH.  Other Homeopathic remedies are made with far higher dilutions, some to the point where there are no longer any actual physical remedy left in the solution.  The best and most effective stage to use Gemmotherapy is after a comprehensive Cellular detoxification program where all the major detox pathways are opened, and the cells of our body have already physically been detoxed.  Homeopathic preparations generally tend to work best on a cleansed and purified body, and therefore Gemmotherapy drops work best after cellular detox by doing their chimney sweeping action, to allow Light, the Life (Vital) force, or the electromagnetic force packed with intelligence and order to pass through the cells and take the healing process further.  Once all the Gemmotherapy has completed, the high potency, highly diluted Homeopathic remedies will work at the higher mental and spiritual level, by shinning white light or the intelligent electromagnetic energy onto the cells.


Examples of Gemmotherapy remedies and their uses


Tilia Tomentosa taken from the Lime Tree, is one of the most commonly used Gemmotherapy remedies, best known for its sedative and neuro-regulating properties.  It can help with sleep, by calming the nerves without any drowsiness.  It is a completely safe, Non-toxic, and Non-habit forming remedy that is also used in protocols to treat Anxiety and Depression.  Its action is so gentle that it is often recommended for the use in children, the elderly, and even in pregnant women. 


Olea Europaea, common name European Olive, can well be called the chimney sweeper of our body’s arteries.  Olea can dissolve arterial plaques and break down scar tissue at the arterial level, as well as at the cerebral (Brain) tissue level, making it a good indication for Hypertension & heart attack prevention, improving memory, attention and concentration in the elderly, as well as a good indication for prevention for Alzheimer.





Pharmacological scientific research, together with extensive clinical experiments have clearly shown that the use of embryonic parts of plants such as buds, the young leaves or rootlets, makes it possible to obtain more active medication, with no need to prescribe large dosages.  Gemmotherapy is a Natural, Non-Toxic and proven safe and effective method of healing at the cellular level, capable of cleansing & Detoxifying, while simultaneously providing nutrition to the cells.  This gentle, yet powerful approach, can safely be used from newborns to Geriatric (elderly) patients, to even lactating or pregnant women.


I hope that I’ve been able to effectively paint the big picture of this fascinating, effective and yet relatively unknown, European based method of healing.


As always, I wish all of you a well deserved lifetime of Health, Joy, and Peace of Mind,


Dr. Farzad Farahmand

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