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Drink Your Way to Better Health
Properties of Alkalized (Ionized) Water

By Dr. Farzad Farahmand:


In order to function properly, the cells, tissues and organs in our body need to constantly be supplied with Essential nutrients.  Essential nutrients, as opposed to the non-essential, are those that cannot naturally be made in sufficient quantities by the body, and therefore need to be provided through the diet or to be supplemented.  Water is considered as an Essential nutrient.  About 65% of our body is made up of water.  This leaves only 35% to everything else, including essential nutrients such as Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Fats, Proteins, Carbohydrates and more. 


It is possible for human beings to survive for days or even weeks without eating any solid foods, but we cannot survive for more than a few days without drinking water.  While much attention is given to the importance of maintaining a healthy Diet, and to which solid foods to eat and which foods not to eat, not much attention has been given to the importance of drinking water, and to the type of water that is the healthiest.  By simply drinking “Healthy Water”, we can take care of up to 65% of the health of our body.  And this is much simpler to do than trying to keep certain complicated Diets that account for only about 35% of the health of our body.  In this article, I’d like to define “Healthy Water” and explain how it can be obtained, as well as discussing the long lasting impact that this type of water can have on our health, on prolonging our longevity, and more.  So let us begin….




According to the Nobel Prize winning research by the German scientist, Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg, illness cannot exist in an Alkaline environment.  On the contrary, Bacteria, Viruses, Candida, Parasites and other pathologic agents, can thrive only in Acidic environments and manifest their harmful effects.  Dehydration is another contributing factor to illness.  Therefore under ideal conditions, by keeping our body hydrated, and by maintaining an Alkaline environment inside the body, a state of health can be maintained in the body.


However, we are not living in an ideal world.  We are constantly exposed to different factors that contribute to creating an Acidic environment in our body.  Chronic stress, exposure to environmental toxins, lack of sleep, drinking Alcohol, Coffee, Sodas or carbonated drinks, and eating red meat are among some of the contributing factors that can create an Acidic environment in the body.

Regular drinking water is generally considered to be neutral, meaning it is neither Acidic nor Alkaline.  Once regular drinking water becomes Alkalized through a process which I will explain later in this article, it becomes Alkaline.      


Water Ionizer Machine


A portable Water Ionizer Machine attached to the kitchen sink, can turn regular drinking water or tap water into Alkalized water.  Before getting into the process of how the machine works, please allow me to first briefly explain a little bit about the basic Chemistry of water.  The popular formula for the water molecule recognized by most people is H2O.  This molecule is formed by the union of 2 Ions.  Ions are atoms or molecules with a positive or a negative magnetic charge.  These charged atoms or Ions join together to form stable and neutral molecules with no magnetic charge.  The 2 ions that join together to make a stable and neutral water molecule are Hydrogen (H+) with a positive charge, and a Hydroxide ion (OH-) with a negative charge.  The degree of Acidity or Alkalinity of any solution is measured by in pH units.  pH stands for Potential Hydrogen, and it ranges from zero to 14.  A pH of 7 is considered to be neutral, while values below 7 are considered as Acidic and above 7 as Alkaline.

Once regular drinking water or tap water passes through the Ionizer machine, it undergoes a process called Electrolysis, during which its Acidic component, the Hydrogen ion (H+) in the water, is separated from the Hydroxide ion (OH-), its Alkaline component.  During this process the machine divides the water into 2 separate streams of water.  An Acidic stream with a low pH and an Alkaline stream with a high pH.  The machine can produce water with different degrees of Alkalinity and pH values, each serving their own varieties of purposes. 


In addition to drinking, the different pH settings on the machine for the Alkaline stream can be useful in a variety of other ways, including washing fruits and vegetables to get rid of pesticides and preservatives, in skin care, in body detoxification, and can also be used in place of chemical detergents.  The Acidic stream also serves multiple purposes, including being used as a disinfectant to kill Bacteria, as mouth wash, and as cleaning solution to clean such things as windows, furniture, dissolving stains off clothing, and more.   



Three different distinguishing properties of Alkalized (Ionized) water:





As discussed above, drinking Alkalized (Ionized) water with a pH slightly higher than 7, can create a health promoting Alkaline environment within the body, by neutralizing the Acidity in the body.  As also discussed before, according to the research by the Nobel Prize winning scientist, Dr. Otto Warburg, Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites, Candida and other pathologic agents, as well as cancer can only thrive and manifest their harmful effects in an Acidic environment.


Carbonated Sodas or any kind of bubbly drinks, such as Coca Cola, carbonated water or club sodas (Perrier & San Pellegrino), and all Energy drinks, can quickly lower the pH of the body, thereby creating an Illness promoting, Acidic environment in the body.  It would take drinking approximately 32 glasses of Alkalized water at a high pH of 10, in order to neutralize one glass of Coca Cola drink, with the highly Acidic, low pH of 2.5. 


It is extremely important to realize the distinction between "Alkalized (Ionized)" water, versus the “Alkaline” water that is being bottled and sold at the supermarkets.  The bottled Alkaline water, is water that is made Alkaline by the addition of certain minerals to raise its pH, without the water undergoing the ionization process, and without the complete separation of the Hydrogen (H+) ion, which is the Acidic component of the water molecule.  Alkaline bottled water loses its Alkaline property once it enters our body, and can actually turn Acidic once it comes in contact with the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the body.  Therefore, drinking the often expensive Alkaline bottled waters sold in the supermarkets, is not an effective way of creating an Alkaline environment in the body.


The Alkalization property is also helpful in optimizing the function of certain pH sensitive Enzymes and Probiotics in the body. 





Once water becomes ionized, its molecules significantly reduce in size, increasing the chances of the water molecules to fully be absorbed into, and be taken up by the cells.  As shown in the image below, the significant size reduction in the clustered arrangement of the water molecules, is referred to as the Micro-Cluster property of Alkalized water.


This results in better hydration of the cells and tissues in our body, as well as the complete absorption of nutrients into the cells.  Vitamins and other dietary supplements are far more easily and thoroughly absorbed into the cells while taken along with Alkalized water, compared to when taken along with regular water.  Most people report feeling an immediate increase in their energy and vitality, after taking Vitamins and other dietary supplements along with Alkalized water.


Improved cellular hydration can have multiple health benefits, both at a Physical, as well as at an Emotional level.  For example, at the Physical level, better hydration of the vertebral discs and cartilage in the joints, can prevent Arthritis, and can significantly reduce the possibility of suffering from chronic joint pain as we age.  Improved hydration of the Brain and the Nervous system at the cellular level, can significantly improve mood, memory & concentration, at the Emotional level, as well as improving or preventing symptoms of Depression and Anxiety.





Alkalized water is considered as one of the most powerful and potent of all Antioxidants.  But what does that really mean?  What are Antioxidants?  A Chemistry degree may be needed to fully understand the complicated scientific mechanism behind the term Antioxidant.  However, for our intended purposes, a Chemistry degree will not be required, as I try my best to explain this complicated concept in simple terms, without any mention of atoms, electrons or free radicals.


The term Antioxidant would make much more sense to most of us, when the “oxidant” portion is replaced by the word, “aging”.  Oxidation is a chemical process that occurs in both living beings and non-living objects as they age.  For example, just as a non-living material such as a piece of metal can oxidize, rust and change color in time, a piece of banana, apple or an avocado can rot, change color and turn brown after being left at the kitchen table for a while.  A very similar chemical process occurs in the cells, tissues and organs in our body as we age.  They become oxidized.  Antioxidants are Anti-aging agents that can slow down the aging process, by preventing or slowing down the rate at which our cells, tissues and organs become oxidized and degenerate.


In addition to slowing down the aging process in our body, Antioxidants also play a crucial role in strengthening the immune system, or the body’s defense mechanism, as well as reducing Inflammation throughout the body. 


As I already mentioned, Alkalized water is considered as one of the most powerful and potent of all Antioxidants and Anti-aging agents.  About 30 times more powerful than Green Tea or Orange juice, which are considered to have very high Antioxidant properties.  Just to give you an idea, drinking one cup of Alkalized water is equivalent to drinking approximately 8 cups of green tea, and 10 cups of Orange juice.

The Water Ionizer Machine


As tap water enters the machine, it first passes through a filter for the removal of impurities. Then the water enters a different chamber consisting of Titanium plates, each dipped in medical grade Platinum.  This is the site where the process of Electrolysis or the Ionization takes place.


In addition to the 3 different Alkaline pH settings for Drinking Water, the machine also has 4 additional pH settings, making it capable of producing a total of 7 different types of water:


1.  8.5 pH Alkaline Drinking Water

2.  9.0 pH Alkaline Drinking Water

3.  9.5 pH Alkaline Drinking Water-Ideal pH for cooking, and the washing away and removal of the shiny, waxy layer left on fruits and vegetables after the application of pesticides and preservatives. 


4.  Clean Water-7.0 pH- Neutral water that is not Acidic, nor Alkaline.  Best used while taking medication, and by babies, since babies are naturally higher in Alkaline levels compared to adults.


5.  Beauty Water-6.0 pH.  Matches the pH of the skin.  Can be used as a Skin Toner for tightening up the pores in the skin.  The small Micro-Cluster water molecules can easily and quickly penetrate and revitalize skin cells, as well as slowing down the aging process in the skin, through their highly potent Anti-oxidant properties.     


6.  Strong Alkaline Water-11.5 pH- Water that quickly mixes with oil, capable of emulsifying and detoxifying fat deposits from the body.  It can also be used as detergent in the kitchen, in such instances as cleaning the toughest grease off the stove.


7.  Strong Acidic Water- pH 2.5- This water is a powerful Anti-bacterial agent, used for its disinfectant properties.  It has been proven highly effective in relieving symptoms in such conditions as Fungal infections (Athlete’s Foot), and in relieving sore throat upon gargling.  It is also highly effective when used as a cleaning solution, cleaning windows & furniture, and removing stains off clothing, acting as a Chemical Cleaning solutions, minus all the Chemicals.


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