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Drink Your Way to Better Health

The Alkalizing, Anti-oxidizing (Anti-aging) and highly Hydrating & Absorbable “Healthy Water”, also known as Kangen Water, produced by the Water Ionizer Machine by Enagic International


The Water Ionizer Machine

As tap water enters the machine, it first passes through a filter for the removal of impurities. Then the water enters a different chamber consisting of Titanium plates, each dipped in medical grade Platinum.  This is the site where the process of Electrolysis or the Ionization takes place.


In addition to the 3 different Alkaline pH settings for Drinking Water, the machine also has 4 additional pH settings, making it capable of producing a total of 7 different types of water:


1.  8.5 pH Alkaline Drinking Water

2.  9.0 pH Alkaline Drinking Water

3.  9.5 pH Alkaline Drinking Water-Ideal pH for cooking, and the washing away and removal of the shiny, waxy layer left on fruits and vegetables after the application of pesticides and preservatives. 


4.  Clean Water-7.0 pH- Neutral water that is not Acidic, nor Alkaline.  Best used while taking medication, and by babies, since babies are naturally higher in Alkaline levels compared to adults.


5.  Beauty Water-6.0 pH.  Matches the pH of the skin.  Can be used as a Skin Toner for tightening up the pores in the skin.  The small Micro-Cluster water molecules can easily and quickly penetrate and revitalize skin cells, as well as slowing down the aging process in the skin, through their highly potent Anti-oxidant properties.     


6.  Strong Alkaline Water-11.5 pH- Water that quickly mixes with oil, capable of emulsifying and detoxifying fat deposits from the body.  It can also be used as detergent in the kitchen, in such instances as cleaning the toughest grease off the stove.


7.  Strong Acidic Water- pH 2.5- This water is a powerful Anti-bacterial agent, used for its disinfectant properties.  It has been proven highly effective in relieving symptoms in such conditions as Fungal infections (Athlete’s Foot), and in relieving sore throat upon gargling.  It is also highly effective when used as a cleaning solution, cleaning windows & furniture, and removing stains off clothing, acting as a Chemical Cleaning solutions, minus all the Chemicals.


There are no moving parts involved in the Water Ionizer Machines made by Enagic, eliminating concerns for any wear and tear of parts over time.  The machines are designed to function properly for a lifetime, as long as they are maintained properly.  The device maintenance simply involves the replacement of the water filter about once a year, or once every 1500 Gallons, plus a simple 10 minute process of automatic cleaning that needs to be initiated and performed by the machine itself, approximately once every 2 months.

About 65% of our bodies are made up of water.  That leaves only about 35% to everything else, most of which need to be provided to the body by eating solid foods.  By simply drinking “Healthy Water”, we can contribute to about 65% of our health.  Proper hydration at the cellular level is fundamental to our health and well being.  However, only a few of us drink adequate amounts of water throughout the day.  Instead, we resort to drinking milk, juices, flavored water, carbonated beverages and trendy options such as Kombucha, which not only provide very poor hydration, but can also create a friendly Acidic environment for pathologic agents such as Bacteria and Viruses, as well as speeding up the aging process and slowing down the healing process in the body.


Drinking the Alkalizing, Anti-oxidizing (Anti-aging) and highly Hydrating & Absorbable “Healthy Water”, also known as Kangen Water, produced by the Water Ionizer Machine by Enagic International, is an excellent lifetime investment, that can help us prevent illnesses, as well as helping us achieve & maintain our health and well being, and improve our quality of life in the years to come. 

To learn more about the science and the mechanism of action of Alkalized Ionized Water in the body, please click on the following link and read the full article written by Dr. Farzad titled, Drink Your Way to Better Health:

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