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Alpha Stim

Waveform Technology for the Treatment of

Anxiety, Insomnia & Depression

Alpha Stim is a clinically proven medical device that Non-toxically and Non-pharmacologically relieves Anxiety, Insomnia and Depression, using Electro medical technology.  It is used worldwide by physicians, healthcare professionals and in numerous American War Veteran Affairs and Military Medical Centers.  The uniquely patented technology or waveform is used as an effective non-pharmacological choice for the treatment of Anxiety, Insomnia and Depression, which can both be used at a clinical setting, as well as being ordered for home use.


The FDA regulated Alpha Stim device treats patients using the Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) protocol.  CES is a process of using an electrical current of less than ½ Milliamps (mA), delivered directly into the Brain via earclip electrodes for 20 to up to 60 minute sessions to treat Anxiety, Insomnia and Depression.



Mechanism of Action


Evidence from public research and ongoing studies shows that Alpha Stim waveform activates particular groups of nerve cells or neurons that are located at the Brainstem.  These groups of nerve cells produce the Chemicals Serotonin and Acetylcholine, which can affect the chemical activity of the nerve cells that are both nearby, and at more distance sites in the nervous system.  These cells are situated to control the sensory (afferent) nerve pathways into the Brain, as well as the motor (efferent) nerves that course down into the spinal cord.  By changing the electrical and chemical activity of the certain nerve cells in the Brainstem, Alpha Stim technology appears to amplify activity in some neurological systems, while deactivating activity in others.  This neurological fine tuning is referred to as neuromodulation, and it occurs either as a result of, or together with the production of a certain type of electrical activity pattern in the Brain known as the Alpha state which can be measured on an EEG.


Effects from Alpha Stim can be produced after just a single treatment as evidenced by EEG mechanistic studies, and by clinical double blind randomly controlled trials in medicine, psychology and dentistry.  Alpha Stim provides long lasting, cumulative relief without the risk of negative side effects such as tolerance and addiction to medications.  Repeated treatments have been shown to increase the relative strength and duration of these effects.  In some cases, effects have been stable, suggesting that the Electrical and the Chemical changes evoked by Alpha Stim technology have led to a durable returning of aspects of the nervous system back to normal function. 



What makes Alpha Stim unique?


Alpha Stim generates a unique and patented waveform that no other device can replicate.  The waveform in a therapeutic device is analogous to the precise chemical compound that differentiates one drug from another.  Alpha Stim’s waveform is distinctive in its proven safety and efficacy.  The waveform is specifically designed to increase Alpha Brainwaves, while decreasing Delta waves.  Alpha is the Brainwave form that is achieved after hours of meditation, and studies have shown that after only a single 20 minute treatment using Alpha Stim, the Brain can enter the Alpha state, or the otherwise meditative state that is achieved after repetitive meditation for long hours. 

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Reasons why Healthcare professionals recommend Alpha Stim   


Through extensive research and surveys, 5 major reasons have been identified as to why Healthcare professionals would recommend an Alpha Stim device for their patients:


  1.  Safety

  2. Proven Efficacy

  3. Research

  4. Cost Effectiveness

  5. Customer Service and Support




Alpha Stim provides therapeutic, lasting results without the risks of dangerous side effects, tolerance and addiction.  Alpha Stim allows patients to resume normal, daily activities after treatment, and it’s suitable for clinical or home use.  Patients are becoming increasingly concerned about the dangers and potential side effects of most medications.  Many patients are looking for a safer and more effective alternative to pharmaceuticals.  Alpha Stim is supported by over 100 research studies, published reports and ongoing research, as well as surveys of doctors, patients and professional endorsements. 



Proven Efficacy and Research


Alpha Stim is used extensively on Military personnel and in Veteran Administration (VA) hospitals to treat such ongoing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTST) symptoms as Anxiety, Insomnia and Depression.  In a study done in 2001 on Military service members, the result consistently reported more positive responses than those that use pharmaceuticals.  Many other research studies showed repeated positive results for Anxiety and Comorbid Depression. 



Cost Effectiveness


Over a 5 year period, Alpha Stim can save users thousands of dollars in comparison to drugs, CBT, TMS, ECT and competing medical devices, commonly prescribed for Anviety, Insomnia and Depression. 



What to Expect


When used correctly, Alpha Stim technology is significantly effective for 9 out of 10 people.  Patients suffering from Anxiety and Insomnia may see noticeable results following a single treatment.  Patients with Depression typically require at least three weeks of daily treatment before experiencing significant improvement.  Once the condition is under control, the use of the Alpha Stim can be decreased. 


The degree of efficacy will vary with the nature of the problem being treated, the overall health of the person, and the method of treatment.  As much as one month of initial and uninterrupted trial may be required to see significant, results.  For best results in some cases, patients may benefit and get quicker results by using natural and Non-Toxic supplements in conjunction to being treated with Alpha Stim.  Duration of the results is dependent upon the severity, the duration and the nature of the patient’s condition that is being treated.

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When we are anxious, Depressed, angry or just feeling off, chances are that we are not spending enough time in the Alpha Brainwave state.  Ironically, Alpha is the most natural functioning Brain state, but our modern day lifestyle causes us to spend too much time in the vigilant Beta state, and not enough in the calmer Alpha.


Most of the time, adults operate in the Beta Brainwave state.  In the Beta state, our attention is divided.  We try to multitask, think about many things at once, and end up having scattered thoughts, stressed and mentally exhausted.  Sometimes it is necessary and just right to be in the Beta state.  While we are driving, while under a deadline, at times when fight or flight is an appropriate response.  However, there are many situations where we would be better off not being in the Beta state, because while our strength and speed increase, there is a remarkable decrease in certain higher functions of the Brain.  Learning, creativity and anything requiring intense focus and concentration are best achieved under an Alpha Brainwave state.


Alpha is sometimes referred to as the genius state, or the state where we are more connected with the spiritual or the higher intelligent state of creativity.  It is the ideal Brain state where our conscious mind (logic/reasoning) is most in sink to work together with our subconscious mind (feelings, creativity & imagination).  There is a definite connection between peak performance, accelerated learning and being in the Alpha state.   


Elite athletes spend a lot of time in the Alpha state, focused, yet alert, relaxed, yet ready to spring into action.   This is when the activity in the Brain is balanced and it’s at its peak function and potential. 


We can achieve an Alpha Brain state through hours of meditation, or by using the unique patented waveform provided by the Alpha Stim technology, in a cumulative fashion on a daily basis till we achieve our desired results:


  • Greater clarity of thinking

  • Improved problem solving (out of the box thinking)

  • Creativity without the limitations of the critical mind

  • Openness to new ideas

  • Super learning (accelerated and more effective learning)

  • Ability to focus and concentrate on a single task until completion

  • Peak performance in sports

  • Positive, peaceful thinking

  • Heightened self awareness

  • Being in the Zone, where everything flows

  • Decreased Anxiety and increased Emotional balance

  • Improved physical health and Immune function

  • Enhanced happiness and feeling of Well being through the production of endorphins and Serotonin

  • Many “Aha” moments of inspiration and insight

  • Physical relaxation (our body enters the “rest and digest” mode)


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