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In Memory of Dr. Salar Farahmand

Dr. Salar Farahmand

My father, Dr. Salar Farahmand, the world renowned researcher and practitioner in the field of Homeopathic, Biochemic, Chinese medicine and Magnet Therapy, and a formerly practicing Pediatrician in his native country of Iran, with a combined practice experience of close to 40 years, unexpectedly passed away in his office on September 14th, 2009.  This page is dedicated in memory of Dr. Salar and to celebrating his life and legacy.  In addition to having an ocean of knowledge, he viewed the world through the eyes of a child with a special childlike passion to share his excitement about his work with each and every individual that he ever came across with.


His years of research and his evolving experience in his practice lead into the development of combination Formulas that proved successful in treating a variety of Mental as well as Physical conditions.  Dr. Salar's Normalizing Brain Function Formula received international recognition and was endorsed by Dr. John Gray, the author of the famous book, Men are from Mars, the Women are from Venus.  After Dr. John Gray personally trying the Normalizing Brain Function treatment and receiving great results, he mentioned Dr. Salar in his Book, The Mars and Venus Diet and Excercise Solution.


Among his other research formulas is the Gastritis & Anti Parasite Formula, also endorsed by Dr. John Gray.  It includes a comprehensive detoxification  program and has been proven to be highly effective in treating a variety of physical as well as mental symptoms and conditions in numerous patients over the years.


In 2011, he published an article on Biochemic Medicine in the Scientific publication, Explore magazine.


The following is a video documentary about Dr. Salar's Life & Legacy begining with a Eulogy by Dr. John Gray at Dr. Salar's memorial, followed by an early 2009 live interview with him on KABC television, plus video endorsements with Dr. John Gray sharing his own experience with Dr. Salar's treatments:


Dr. Salar Farahmand, His Life & Legacy

Interview with Dr. Salar on KABC Television, Febuary of 2009

Dr. John Gray Sharing his own Experience with Dr. Salar's                                     Normalizing Brain Function Treatment


Dr. John Gray on Dr. Salar's Gastritis & Anti Parasite Formula


Dr. John Gray on Ringing in the Ear (Tinnitus)

Dr. Salar Farahmand's Article on Biochemic Medicine Published in the Scientific Journal, Explore Magazine, September 2002

Dr. Salar's First Book on Homeopathy 
The first Published Book on Homeopathy, in Farsi
(Click on the cover to download)

Dr. Salar's Second Published Book on Homeopathy in Farsi titled,
Homeopathic Medicine 
The Answer to the New Millennium

Dr. Salar's Radio Intervew, Dicussing the consequences of
Brain Trauma

Please click below, to read an article I wrote titled, Dr. Salar, His Life & Legacy:

Me & My Dad, Dr. Salar


Dr. Salar & Dr. John Gray after the release of his book, the Mars & Venus Diet & Excercise Solution




Dr. Salar & Dr. John Gray in the office



Dr. Salar's Painting by one of his patients, the late visual artist,

Kalan Brunink


Dr. Salar's Painting.jpg
IMG_0329 - Copy.JPG


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