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Dr. Salar Farahmand

His Life & Legacy

By Dr. Farzad Farahmand

My father, Dr. Salar Farahmand, the world renowned researcher and practitioner in the field of Homeopathy and Alternative medicine, unexpectedly passed away 3 years ago in the month of September.   The month of September is dedicated to celebrating his life and legacy.  In addition to having an ocean of knowledge, he viewed the world through the eyes of a child with a special childlike passion to share his excitement about Homeopathy and its wonders, with each and every individual that he ever came across with.


Dr. Salar Farmhand was born in Iran.  As a child he was regarded as having an extraordinary memory and level of intelligence. 


After completing High School, by the encouragement of everyone who knew his special intellectual capabilities and potentials, he decided to go to Medical School.  Dr. Salar’s special love and passion for Children led him to specialize in the field of Pediatric medicine.


In 1968, he met and married the love of his life, Janet.  Since the very beginning they portrayed an ideal image of a perfectly compatible couple. They had 2 kids.  Me and my sister Foujan.  Dr. Salar enjoyed a prosperous Pediatric practice and a great family life in Iran.  


Sometime in the mid 70’s while working at the Bank Meli hospital in Tehran, Dr. Salar came across a patient.  An 8 year old girl who was suffering from Urinary Bladder infection.  After a year of comprehensive treatments including Urine Analysis, urine cultures, consulting other infection specialists, and using an assorted variety of antibiotics, all attempts to help the patient failed.


The patient was sent to London, England to continue her treatment.  Extensive treatments in England were unsuccessful as well in producing any favorable results.  The hospital therefore decided to refer the patient to natural practitioners in London.


After the patient’s return back home to Iran, the physicians back at the Bank Meli hospital, including her Pediatrician Dr. Salar, realized that the patient’s urinary infection had completely resolved.  The curious Dr. Salar wondered about that miracle cure in London.  He researched the case further and realized that the type of medicine that was used on the patient was called Homeopathic Medicine, a 200 year old medicine with its origin in Germany.


The 1979 revolution in Iran severely impacted the country and the lives of its people.  The lives of Dr. Salar and his family were no exception.  Even though at the time most of his closest friends and relatives were leaving the country, he continued living in Iran.  In order to avoid the possibility of me being drafted for the war in Iraq, at the age of 14 I was sent to the United States to live with my aunt and the family in Atlanta Georgia.



In 1985, 6 years after the revolution, my father, my mother and my sister decided to take their steps towards joining me in the United States.  It was a difficult decision for Dr. Salar to leave his 21 year old Pediatric practice and leave his beloved birth country of Iran.  While bombing was taking place near the capital Tehran, the family managed to get on one of the only flights leaving Iran.  The three of them left Iran for Bombey, India.  They travelled thru the Far East and officially entered the United States through Honolulu, Hawaii.  We were all reunited in Atlanta, Georgia and later moved to Los Angeles, California to start a new life.    


Dr. Salar’s previously mentioned, earlier interest in Alternative medicine led him to pursue Chinese Medicine.  In just two years he completed all the course work and successfully passed all the challenging board exams and became a licensed Acupuncturist.   But apparently that didn’t satisfy him.  He never stopped learning.  After a short time of starting life as a new immigrant in the United States, here is just a partial list of Dr. Salar’s achievements:


  1. Published research articles in such prestigious scientific publications as The Explorer Magazine.

   2.Spoke at such prestigious events as the World Research Foundation.


   3. Received his PhD in Environmental Diseases.


   4.Became the pioneer of Magnet Therapy in the United States.


   5.Received the Humanitarian Award from the Southern California Motion Picture Council, for his many years of  service and support to the field of medicine.


   6.  Patented several inventions, including the Magnetic Eye glasses.


   7.  Was able to ultimately send his message to the worldwide international audience through live satellite television and radio broadcasts.


   8.  Received international recognition for developing one of his research formulas, “The Normalizing Brain Function” Formula endorsed by Dr. John Gray, the author of the best selling book, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” who mentioned it in his book, “The Mars & Venus Diet and Exercise Solution.


   9.  And finally, he expanded his knowledge and pursued what he was most passionate about, Homeopathic medicine, with which he ultimately was able to help people in large numbers, using the Homeopathic Formulations that he has left behind as his legacy to help humanity for generations to come.


Having worked closely with my father for over 5 years and having witnessed patients achieving favorable results, I now feel responsible to carry on Dr. Salar’s legacy in making sure that the public recognizes this safe yet powerful and highly effective method of strengthening the vital force or the intelligent energy that heals the body.  I hope that I will be able to at least partially fulfill this responsibility.


Dr. John Gray was shocked upon hearing the news about my father’s passing.  He immediately made arrangements to attend my father’s memorial services. 


Here are Dr. John Gray’s words about Dr. Farahmand at his memorial services:


“When I first met Dr. Farahmand, he opened his heart to me; we shared so many messages to help the world with.  I never met a doctor who was so dedicated to understanding his message so he can teach it to people and serve people and care about people, and constantly experimenting on people to find the very very best for them.  I know this because he did this service for me and working with my own personal issues, he did it for my daughters, he did it for my wife, he did it for my clients, and in one of my books which he was very proud of called The Mars & Venus Diet & Exercise Solution, I dedicated a part of that book to his work, letting people know about his Homeopathic miracles. 


His work is at a level of healing that is so fantastic and he had so many plans to bring it further out to the world.  And I know that there will be many people who will continue to do that.  He was an innovator.  Patients who would go to him would get better without realizing that his ideas were more advanced than anywhere else I’ve seen. 


People who had chronic problems for 10, 15, 20 years who had seen every doctors, couldn’t sleep , who had pain in their body, couldn’t drive their car, had anxiety problems, in a matter of 3 to 6 weeks there would be dramatic improvement.


People would come to me because I have written about it in my book and they would go to Dr. Farahmand and write to me and tell me the results they would get.  Their lives were completely transformed.  Not being able to sleep at night, feeling pain and now being lifted above that, was such a gift.  He was an inspiration to me, a mentor to me, and a teacher to me”.


Here are the words of one of Dr. Farahmand’s long time patients, Ms. Charleen Bennett:


“This man had a gift and a sense and intuition about healing and that’s why he was able to tell me what was wrong with me when I didn’t even tell him a thing.  I was very impressed and pleased and I always recommended Dr. Farahmand.  And I also felt that having this intuitive gift was very important to go along with all his knowledge and the Homeopathic treatment.  And he was very caring and loving and persistent.  And by just being at his office and at his presence, healing happened.  That’s rare!  He was all about making you well and making you become who you need to be in order to heal yourself.  That’s important.  And his treatments did work.  And that’s why I recommended him to everyone’.


Here are the words of the architect and visual artist, Kamran Khavarani:


Life took me on a path where I met a professor by the name of Albert Boime.  He was a professor at UCLA and after he passed away 3 years ago it became known that he was indeed one of the biggest art historians in history.  He wrote 26 books with a total of 12000 pages.

I remember that the professor became very ill and he had to pay a visit twice a week to the hospital to receive blood.  Since the day I personally started taking the professor to see Dr. Farahmand, twice a week became once a week, and then gradually less and less.  Professor Boime himself was surprised as to how it was possible that the best doctors at UCLA were not able to help him, but he could get such dramatic results from Dr. Farahmand’s treatments and recommendations.


In the course of the treatments, Professor Boime needed less and less blood and he started to feel much better.  As I took Professor Boime to see Dr. Farahmand for over 20 visits, I had the pleasure of getting to know Dr. Farahmand and often asked him about his work.  I witnessed how a man of this age like Professor Boime who was initially extremely agitated, in severe pain, had low energy and many other problems, can progressively get better and better.


The doctors at UCLA in the beginning of Dr. Boime’s treatment gave him only a few months to live, but he ended up living 2 more full years.  He was fortunate enough to have the chance to see the book that he wrote about my style of work titled, Abstract Romanticism, being published and he even had a book signing in my gallery.  I saw this miracle with my own eyes.  He was a great man.


In addition to leaving his valuable treasures, Dr. Salar has made his patients, friends, family, those who only knew of him and myself proud for being an extraordinary healer and an exceptional human being.  He will be missed!!

Dr. Farzad Farahmand

For more information about Dr. Salar, including watching a video documentary about his life, his Television interviews, the Books and Articles that he has written, his patient's video Testimonials, and his countless number of patient's written testimonials, please visit the page that I have made and dedicated in his memory, by clicking on the following button:


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