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Benefits of Liver  & Gallbladder Cleanse



When you eat fatty foods, it's the bile that emulsifies the fat in your stomach. Bile is made by the liver and it's stored in the Gallbladder. A poorly functioning gallbladder handicaps your digestive system and can cause gas, abdominal cramps and headaches. In addition, a full gallbladder can cause excessive build up of bile in the liver, resulting in a condition known as Fatty Liver. 

The accumulated bile and cholesterol in the liver and gallbladder can solidify into liver and gallstones. Excruciating pain is often associated with the formation of stones. This is often manifested through a pain in the right hand side of your abdomen below the ribs. 

The Liver and the Gallbladder need to be cleansed, in order to prevent the build up of bile and cholesterol to solidify into stones. In addition, a cleansed gallbladder can significantly improve the digestive process and prevent the condition known as Fatty Liver. 

Patients should always consult their doctor if they feel this pain, but should be conscious of options other than surgery. A gallbladder removal procedure (cholecystectomy) is often recommended by doctors, but a simple cleanse can sometimes be a better option than undergoing an intrusive medical procedure. 

This product consists of a mixture of mineral salts effective in a complete cleansing of the Liver and the Gallbladder. A cleanse is recommended to be performed 1-2 times a year.


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Cleansing Salt
(Direction of use)


1. After 6 PM, eat only light foods like vegetables, fruits and soup. No greasy food.
2. Mix 4 table spoons of salt in 3 cups of water
3. Divide the content into 4 glasses
4. Prepare a mix of 3/4 cup of either Grapefruit or Orange juice, with 4 ounces of Olive Oil.

6 PM Drink one of the salt and water cups
8 PM 2nd Cup
10 PM Drink the Olive Oil/Juice mix
Go to bed 
Next morning at 6 AM Drink the 3rd glass of the salt/water mix
8 AM Drink the last of the salt/water mixes.
Go to work


The following symptom may indicate the need for a Liver and a Gallbladder cleanse:

• Aching joints and muscles
• Yellow discoloration of eyes and skin 
• Sinus Congestion
• Fat Intolerance
• Constipation
• Increase abdominal gas
• Pain under the right rib cage 
• Toxicity from chemotherapy 
• Toxicity from intra-hepatic bile duct drugs 
• Anger and frustration 
• Occipital headaches 
• Neck pain
• Pain in the right shoulder 
• Dizziness
• Bitter taste in the mouth
• Allergies
• Feeling heaviness or discomfort after eating fatty or fried food 
• Feeling uncomfortable after eating certain fruits


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