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Dr. Farzad's Biography

Dr. Farzad was born on April 30th, 1969 in Tehran, Iran.  He was raised in a loving household, and enjoyed a beautiful childhood.  The 1979 revolution in Iran severely impacted the country and the lives of its people.  The life of the 10 year old Dr. Farzad and his family were no exception.  He recalls not being so happy with the changes in the school system.  He gradually began losing his best friends and relatives, as they left the country together with their families, to go abroad.   About 4 years into the revolution, at age 14, Dr. Farzad made an independent decision to leave the country, come to the United States and start High School.  He planned on leaving all by himself, since his parents were not yet fully prepared to leave the country at the time.


At the time, most of the young men at that age were forced to escape the country through the boarders.  They took this risk in order to avoid the possibility of being drafted for the war.   Dr. Farzad was among the few lucky people who was able to legally fly out of the country.  On October 23rd, 1983, at the age of 14, Dr. Farzad left his birth country of Iran, and flew to Paris.  His father Dr. Salar, who was visiting the United States at the time, also flew to Paris.  Father and son were united at the airport.  In addition to visiting Paris, they worked towards getting an American Visa for Dr. Farzad. 


On November 8th, 1983, father and son emotionally departed at the Paris airport.  Dr. Farzad left for the United States and Dr. Salar later returned to Iran to join his wife Janet and his daughter.


Dr. Farzad went on to Atlanta, Georgia to live with his aunt and the family in order to start the life he had dreamed of.  In Atlanta he started High School while improving his English in the meantime.  He loved his school and life in general.  However, he greatly missed his parents and sister.  After about 2 years of being apart from his family, he finally got the news that they had managed to leave the country and were on their way to come and join him in the United States.  The family finally reunited in 1985, and moved to Los Angeles, California to start a new life in a new country.


Dr. Farzad completed his High School studies in Los Angeles.  He then went on to continue his studies at Cal State University, Northridge.  He majored in Cellular and Molecular Biology, with the intent to go to Medical School in the future.  In the meantime, Dr. Salar became licensed in Acupuncture and immediately continued his journey with his studies in Homeopathy.  Dr.Salar had extreme passion for Homeopathy, to the point where he continuously talked, discussed and educated just about anybody who came across his path.  Having lived and grown up in a household where alternative medicine, mostly Homeopathy was continuously discussed, gave Dr. Farzad great exposure to the subject.    


After he received his Bachelor degree in Biology, he reconsidered his original plan to go to Medical School, and began exploring different field options that were available to him.  He became extremely fascinated with Chiropractic when he visited a Chiropractor who effectively and clearly explained to him what Chiropractic was all about.  The Chiropractor played a crucial role in helping him create a future vision for himself.  He particularly became fascinated with the intricate working of the Nervous System and the way nerves innervate every organ in the body.  He regarded this as another nature’s work of art. 


Shortly after, he began his studies at Life West Chiropractic College in Northern California.  Having grown up in a household with a father so passionate about Homeopathy, gave Dr. Farzad enough base knowledge about the field to develop great interest towards it.  He planned on incorporating Homeopathy into his future practice.


After graduating from Chiropractic school and receiving his Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree, he started practicing at Dr. Salar’s office.  This was to be the beginning of his formal Homeopathic training by his father.  He often helped his father with the proper English in the text of some of the research articles written by Dr. Farahmand, before publishing.  He also helped with the development of his website by writing the text, as well as sharing some of his own ideas to improve the site.


Dr. Farzad worked side by side with his father for 5 years, until the very day when Dr. Salar passed away in his office.  In a statement made following the death of his father, Dr. Farzad stated, “I've been fortunate for having the opportunity to have had him as a mentor. He fully taught me his treatment approach and protocol. Years before his passing, I recall him telling me that his purpose for teaching me his knowledge and experience was so that I could continue his legacy, after he was no longer there. He has handed me a great responsibility. I consider fulfilling this responsibility as a great honor and an opportunity to continue his passion and the treasures that he has left behind for humanity”.



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