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Dear Dr. Farahmand,


I just wanted to drop a note and say how grateful and relieved and happy I am with the results I have gotten because of your amazing remedies.


I have been suffering from Candida/overgrowth of yeast infection in my gut, nose, and tongue area for over five years.  I had been to many doctors who failed to help.  I have gone on-line and ordered many, many, Candida remedies.  They helped a little bit but they did not cure me.


I am not sure how many people suffer from this ailment or even know that’s what’s ailing them but it’s such a debilitating ailment and one suffers enormously.  I had experienced brain fog, extreme fatigue, sleeplessness, anxiety, lack of concentration and focus, and slew of other symptoms.   It’s been a horrific experience to say the least.


I had actually know your wonderful father before he passed on and had been his patient for many years.  He actually cured me of my recurring chronic pneumonia and bronchitis which was on-going for twenty years.  From what I understand now my Candida surfaced because of the overdose of anti-biotics which I had taken for twenty years.  


A friend of mine had recommended your father to me. Since your father cured me of my chronic pneumonia/bronchitis, I really didn’t need to go back to him.  I am sorry to say when I heard he passed away I didn’t realize that you are continuing his wonderful work.  So, when I got my Candida, it didn’t even occur to me that you were in practice to give you a call.


Someone told me that you had taken over the practice so I called about my Candida.  Wished I had called earlier and wouldn’t suffer for five years. Anyway,  to cut the story short, I just wanted to thank you and convey my gratitude and appreciation for getting me well and normal again.  My symptoms are gone and I feel so alive and healthy and well. 


I contribute a lot of my getting better to your vegetarian enzyme probiotics.  I have tried many probiotics on the market, since the occurrence of my Candida, because I am told it produces the good flora and kills the bad flora.  All the items I tried were not as effective as your Enzymes.  Plus Black Walnut and the other remedies were a great help as well.  I keep ordering your Enzymes because I think it keeps me healthy and on the right track. 


Again, I want to thank you so much for your wonderful healing work and getting me well and vibrant again.  I hope you keep up what you are doing.   


Best Regards,






In my daily life I work as Energetic Life Coach. It makes sense that your own energy management is optimally in this line of work.  It is for me the biggest tool to help people where ever I can. However, due to a range of occurrences in my private life, my energy dropped and it decreased at very fast speed.  At one point it got so low, that I wasn’t able to built up anymore. In just one month, my body no longer sufficiently worked along with my mind and soul. Parasites got a chance to settle in my body.  Symptoms such as a constant itching, which began at my hands and feet, spread quickly over my entire body. Restlessness, palpitations and insomnia made that I no longer could do my work properly. Because I do not feel confident in the conventional way of treatment I contacted Dr. Farzad Farahmand.  Because of the Anti Parasite Formula Dr. Farahmand prescribed in combination with a personal medication, I recovered in just a few weeks time.  The change of energy in my body started already after two days use. My treatment is now a month ago and I feel particularly good.  Not only the complaints are completely gone, my energy level has been increased, that I can do my work as energetic coach even better now than before. I would like to give Homeopathy in General and the treatments by Dr. Farahmand in particular a very warm heart. Thanks to him and his father I'm not only in a short period been resolved of my problems, but he has again proven, that the best treatments are natural. We are all part of nature and the earth gives us the very best, we only need to see and recognize. Dr. Salar Farahmand developed several unique treatments for curing, to improve your quality of life. I sincerely hope that more people discover and embrace the true value of Homeopathy.  Homeopathic treatments give absolutely no side effects.  It gives your body and mind related energy, so your body can heal itself in balance with the gifts of Mother Nature.  Thank you so much Dr. Farahmand.


Xandra Bekke


The Netherlands




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