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Geometric Universe


The Miracle, and the Blueprint of Creation

This article is the description of the video that follows below, made by Dr. Farzad Farahmand: 

By Dr. Farzad Farahmand:


The images in the following video, depict the Geometric and Symmetrical patterns of movement, vibration, and pulsation of the invisible creative Energy of the Universe, as it organizes and shapes into different forms of Physical matter.  The Universe as a whole, including all the physical creations within it, whether living or non-living, is made up of one giant Energy field.  What is Energy?  Energy is defined as a movement, pulsation or vibration at a certain oscillating speed or frequency.  The smallest building block of any matter (physical substance), is the atom.  The atom is not entirely a physical entity.  The atom is further subdivided into subatomic particles consisting of a Nucleus made up of Protons and Neutrons, plus Electrons spinning and pulsating around the nucleus in different orbital planes.  The rest of the atom is merely a non physical empty space.  Therefore, the smallest building block of any material substance is not a tiny physical particle, but rather an empty space, or nothingness.  That nothingness is really the foundation, the driving force, or the soul behind all Physical matter, whether living or non-living.  It is this invisible high frequency, highly vibrating, intelligent and creative Energy force, that in low frequencies or pulsating speeds can manifest itself in infinite different varieties of physical form that can be seen or felt by our 5 senses.  99% of the atom is an empty space.  It is this invisible nothingness, that is pulsating within and around all the living and the nonliving beings in the Universe, and is maintaining their existence. 


According to the first Law of Thermodynamics, Energy is neither created, nor destroyed.  Energy has always existed, and will continue existing eternally.  Energy can only be transformed from one form into another. 


Creation is the result of the miraculous, “mysterious” and ever continuous action of this highly intelligent and creative designing force.  The invisible creative Energy vibrates, circulates and pulsates in different Geometrical and symmetrical patterns as shown in the following video, as it designs and forms itself into beautiful forms of creation in the Universe.  The Planets, Stars, Flowers, Trees, Animals and more….


The famous circular pattern more commonly known as "The Flower of Life” is depicted at 0:32 in the video.


This techno musical arrangement is from the instrumental works by the Alan Parsons Project…..

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