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Natural Products to Boost & Maintain a Strong
Immune System

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Immunitone Plus™ is an herbal formula that is designed to support healthy immune system function during cold and flu season. It contains herbs that support normal natural killer (NK) cell activity and the balance of cytokines, which are the regulatory proteins released by immune cells as part of a normal immune system response.* The standardized herbs in this formula contain optimal and consistent amounts of the most active ingredients. Immunitone Plus™ is suitable for long term use and for all age groups.


Made with non-GMO ingredients.

Twice Daily Multi.png

Twice Daily Multi™ contains optimal amounts of many nutrients not easily obtained in most diets. It uses higher quality ingredients than most multivitamins, including vitamin E as DeltaGold® tocotrienols, a highly bioavailable form of folate, and true amino acid chelate minerals for optimal tolerance and absorption. These exceptional ingredients are combined in an up-to-date, science-based formulation to create a truly superior multi.*

Made with non-GMO ingredients.


Water Ionizer Machine is a multipurpose Medical device, capable of producing 7 different types of water, including 3 types of Alkalizing, Anti oxidizing, Anti inflammatory and highly absorbable drinking water, plus waters with pHs appropriate for use as sanitizing solution, cleaning detergent, for skin care and more, without the involvement of any chemicals except natural water.  The drinking water has been shown to be highly effective in boosting the immune system, as well as having a highly detoxifying effect on the body.

For more information, please refer to the following article:

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Cellular Detoxification Program is a comprehensive, 3 Phase, 3 month long Cellular Detoxification program, involving detoxifying the Cells of the Body and the Brain, from Biotoxins, Heavy Metals and Environmental Toxins, in addition to opening up the downstream detoxification pathways of the body, by supporting the detoxification organs such as the Liver, the Kidneys, the Gallbladder and more.  A highly recommended Protocol to precede other protocols in order to improve their efficacy, including preceding taking any supplements, including the ones for Immunity.  For more information, please visit the following link:

For more information on Gut Health, and its importance on strengthening our Immune System, please refer to the following article, and ask to consult regarding our Gut Health Protocol:


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