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Janet Farahmand

Wellness Consultant


Mrs. Janet Farahmand, is a Wellness Consultant, with over 30 years of experience helping patients achieve and maintain their health and wellbeing.  She is credited for being the major driving force behind the success of her late husband Dr. Salar Farahmand, and for having worked alongside her husband, from the time he received his Pediatric degree in Iran in the late 60’s, till the very day of Dr. Salar’s passing in 2009. 


Janet selflessly and continuously dedicated her life to supporting Dr. Salar, and in paving the way for him to succeed in his achievements that have ultimately changed the lives of thousands of patients over the years.  Dr. Salar’s final thesis in Pediatrics, along with the 2 full Books that he wrote and published on Homeopathy, were all handwritten in print by Janet, before publishing.

Janet, together with the help of her son Dr. Farzad, has devoted her life to carrying along Dr. Salar’s legacy since her husband’s passing, especially after years of having witnessed such dramatic and positive life changing results in so many patients and their families, while working alongside her husband.  She takes pride and satisfaction on a daily basis, in helping to identify the origin of patient’s illnesses and it’s her joy to help them resolve their countless number of symptoms.


In addition to carrying along Dr. Salar’s legacy, Janet and her son, Dr. Farzad have remain active in finding more natural, safe and non-toxic solutions to help maintain a state of health in the body.  Dr. Salar believed that illness can only exist and grow in an Acidic environment, and by keeping the body in an Alkaline state, many illnesses can be prevented.  This concept is especially in support of the long term maintenance of the health of the body following Dr. Salar’s Anti Parasite treatment, since Parasites cannot live and thrive in an Alkaline environment.  According to Janet’s experience working with Dr. Salar and her son Dr. Farzad, Parasites can be the cause of many symptoms and the origin of many illnesses.  Once the body is detoxed of Parasites, many symptoms can be resolved.  By keeping the body in an Alkaline State, we can minimize the chances of Parasites from returning and causing the re-occurrence of symptoms.

Today, Janet feels proud of her years of hard work in supporting Dr. Salar, both emotionally and professionally, and for having contributed to his success in completing his research while using his knowledge to help thousands of patients over the years.  As Dr. Salar himself was quoted, “my success would not have been possible without Janet’s help”.  Janet’s continued support and hard work has helped, and is continuing to help improve the quality of life of many patients and their families.


In addition, Janet is grateful for having her son and her daughter by her side, as she continues to support her son Dr. Farzad in his continued research, paving the way for him to help many more patients in the years to come.....

To know more about Dr. Salar's life & legacy, please click below, to visit the page on this website, dedicated in his memory:          


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