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Lithium Synergy

The only Naturally Occurring Mineral known to Stabilize Mood

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  • Lithium Synergy combines Lithium Orotate known to help stabilize mood swings, together with Vitamin B12 and Trimethygycine, to support healthy to support the body to naturally produce neurotransmitters.


  • Lithium is the only naturally occurring element or Mineral known to effectively stabilize mood.


  • Lithium is one of the key minerals that gets depleted with stress and needs to be replaced.


  • Lithium is known to inhibit the atrophy of the Hypocampus, a part of the Brain that shrinks as a result of recurrent episodes of Depression.



Atrophy of the Hypocampus is seen in:


  • Recurrent Depression

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • PTSD

  • Epilepsy

  • Alzheimers

  • schizophrania



  • Lithium blocks the production of key proteins involved in Alzheimer’s disease, called Amyloid plaques.  Amyloid protein deposits destroy nerve cells and block the transport of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.


  • Lithium Carbonate, commonly prescribed in conventional medicine, can have toxic effects on the body, particularly on the kidneys, at blood levels only slightly higher than the therapeutic dosages.


  • Lithium Carbonate is poorly absorbed by the cells, due to poor Bioavailibility or the degree to which it can have an effect on the body.


  • Lithium Carbonate is needed to be taken, in order for elemental Lithium to be forced into and be absorbed by the cells.


  • Only small amounts of Lithium ingested will actually get into the cells.  The rest of the lithium gets distributed by the Blood stream throughout the body, causing a build up of toxicity which can cause harm to our internal organs, particularly the kidneys.


  • Therapeutic doses of Lithium Oratate are much lower in dosage than that of the other Lithium salts.


  • Research has shown that Orotate acts as a carrier, crossing the Blood Brain Barrier and taking elemental Lithium with it, straight into the Brain cells.


  • Lithium, whether prescription or non-prescription, needs to be in the form of a salt.  The elemental Lithium is attached to salts like Carbonate, Citrate, or Orotate, taking the effective component, the elemental Lithium into the Brain, to be absorbed by the Brain cells.

  • Lithium, just like all the other trace elements, is needed by the body, and can be tolerated at small amounts. However too much of it in the form of Lithium Carbonate can have toxic effects on the body, particularly on the Kidneys.


  • Depression alone is much easier to deal with.  Bipolar mood swings can be more difficult to manage and take control of. 


  • The use of Antidepressants to treat the Depression aspect of Bipolar often causes irritability, restlessness and elevated mood, often known as the manic state.


  • Lithium has also been shown to

  • Lithium Orotate products are comparably very inexpensive to manufacture.



Other possible Befits of Lithium Orotate include:


  • Improve concentration in ADD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in children and adolescence.


  • Protecting the Brain from damage by Alcohol.


  • Help decrease Anxiety and Mental Stress.










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