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Low Force Chiropractic Technique


    Introduction & Mechanism of Action

By Dr. Farzad Farahmand:


Low Force Chiropractic Adjustment Technique provides an excellent option, particularly to those patients who are afraid of the popping and cracking sounds involved in the traditional, manual Chiropractic adjustment. 


This type of adjustment is done by softly and gently stimulating the joints, through a hand held instrument called the Arthrostim.  The thrusts are often painless and are described by patients as feeling pleasant. 


This type of adjustment works by the high speed of the thrust of the Arthrostim instrument, eliminating the need for a high force thrust on the spine which may sometimes feel painful to the patient.  This makes it possible for any patient, at any pain level to tolerate the adjustment.  Another very effective feature of this technique is the precise repetitive thrusts up to 12 times per second that the Arthrostim instrument can provide at high speed.


The nervous system is divided into 2 categories.  The Central Nervous System, and the Peripheral Nervous System.  The Central Nervous System is comprised of the Brain and the Spinal Cord.  The Brain is the power generator of the body, generating the electrical impulses that are sent down the Spinal Cord, and out to tissues, organs and systems in the body, via the nerves of the Peripheral Nervous System.  Nerves are the wiring of the body, carrying electrical impulses from the Brain out to the tissues, and vice versa, carrying information from the tissues back to the Brain. 


Electricity is the first physical manifestation of the Vital Force, or that invisible, intelligent energy high frequency energy, or the healing energy, also referred to as Bioenergy that runs through our body.  Misaligned vertebrae in the spine, can put pressure on the nerves exiting the spine, and can diminish the flow of electricity needed for the proper 2 way communication of the tissues of the body with the Brain.  Diminished electrical flow in the nerves that innervate muscles, results in muscle spasm, which in turn puts more pressure on the nerve that innervates the muscle in question. 


Pain, can either be caused by the pressure, or the interference to the flow of electricity that is put on a nerve by a misaligned bone or vertebrae in the spine, or by tight, spasmed muscles.  Therefore, relieving pain is a combination of correcting vertebral subluxations, or misalignments, through spinal adjustments, and through relaxing tight muscles.  2 tasks that are painlessly and effectively achieved by the Arthrostim instrument.    


In order to correct misalignments in the spine, in addition to moving the bones to relieve any stress on the nerves, the Arthrostim instrument is also capable of stimulating the pressure receptors, also referred to as mechanoreceptors, found within the joints of the spine.  Just as pain receptors sense pain, pressure receptors or mechanoreceptors sense pressure as the joints move in our spine, sending healthy signals to the Brain, letting the Brain know of the proper functioning of the spinal joints.  In case of injury and trauma to the spine, joints become fixated and their movement becomes either limited or completely stopped, therefore also limiting or stopping healthy communication between the spinal segments and the Brain. 


The pressure receptors, as they are stimulated, communicate with the Brain, letting the Brain know of the health status of that area. In case of trauma or injury, as the pressure receptors are stimulated by the Arthrostim instrument, the Brain sends electric impulse or Life Force to the injured area in order to correct any misalignment or muscle spasm around the joints, helping to heal the area and therefore decreasing or eliminating pain.


Among other actions of the Arthrostim instrument besides correcting spinal misalignment, is also relaxing the muscles around the spinal joints, by instantly removing any muscle spasm that may be putting pressure on the nerves, therefore decreasing or removing pain.  


Following the adjustment, patients often report feeling an immediate sense of lightness and relief, and describe their experience as being painless and pleasant.


Chiropractic Adjustment is not only about pain and pain relief.  In fact, about 80 percent of our nerves in the body don’t have pain receptors, and therefore in case of trauma or pressure, they are not capable of sensing pain.  Only about 20 percent of our nerves have pain receptors and can sense pain.  The 80 percent majority are nerves that innervate our organs, such as our Liver, Pancreas, Hear, Lungs and more. 


Pain, is merely a signal telling us that something is wrong and needs to be corrected.  In case of interference in the nerves that innervate out organs, there is no signal to immediately let us know of the presence of a problem, until such time that the end organ becomes dysfunctional, and we are faced with symptoms.


Regular Chiropractic adjustments remove nerve interference, therefore unblocking the flow of electrical impulse through the nerves, allowing the whole body to receive signals.  This electrical signal is the first physical manifestation of the Life Force, or the Vital Force, or the intelligent, invisible healing energy, also known as Bioenergy that is running throughout our body.    



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