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Mineral Imbalance across the Neurons

While much attention has been given to correcting the imbalance of such Brain chemical as Serotonin, Dopamine, GABA and other Neurotransmitters that carry electrical signal from one Neuron to the next, not much attention has been given to correcting any possible imbalance or deficiency of Minerals, more specifically Sodium (Na) and Potassium (K) that need to properly move in and out of the Brain cells or Neurons to transmit Electricity across the Neurons themselves.  The in and out motion of Sodium and Potassium across the cell membrane of Neurons is crucial in the process of Electric signal traveling across the Neurons.  And when this motion of the Minerals and the proper balance of Sodium and Potassium is disturbed, the Electrical signal becomes weak.  Simple Short term use of Biochemic Cell Salts to stimulate the in and out motion of Sodium and Potassium across the cell membrane of Neurons, for as little as 3 days at a time, can be extremely effective in strengthening Electrical signal across the Neurons. 

The following video clip has been edited from the video documentary, Introducing Biochemic Medicine.  It contains a brief audio/visual illustration of the role of minerals in carrying electrical signal across the neurons themselves. 

For more detailed information, please click visit the article written by Dr. Farzad titled, Brain Related Disorders Chemical, or "Electro" Chemical Imbalance?


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