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Parasitic Infection


A Natural Non-Toxic Treatment Approach


By Dr. Farzad Farahmand


A parasite is an organism that lives on or inside another organism (the host) and harms the host.  They are among the greatest causes of disease worldwide and are frequently seen in children and adults.  Overall, approximately 1.5 billion humans have a worm known as Ascaris, making it the third most common human infection in the world.  In the U.S, more than four million people are infected with different Ascaris species. Worldwide, more than 200 million people are infected with Enterobius vermicularis or pinworm. These parasites are contaminating international travelers as well as everyday people all around the world.


How does one come in contact with these parasites?  It is extremely easy to become infected.  These parasites are frequently transmitted by drinking contaminated water, eating improperly washed fruits and vegetables, contaminated foods such as unwashed salads and raw fish (sushi) or undercooked meals.  Other means of transmission include person-to-person contact such as shaking hands, kissing and sexual contact, walking barefoot in the sand and touching faucets in public restrooms.  Parasite transmission from pets is also a common occurrence.  Once infected, these parasites can travel throughout the entire body and rob it of essential nutrient.


Humans can host a variety of parasites. These can range from microscopic parasites to long tapeworms. These parasites initially infest the intestinal tract, but can also travel throughout the entire body. There are 197 species of parasites that inhabit the human alimentary tract and another 184 species are found elsewhere in the body in other organs.


Parasites residing in the digestive tract can cause weak digestion, constipation, belching, stomach pain, nausea, heartburn, rumbling, diarrhea and gas.  These infections may also lead to lymph node enlargement, obesity, face and body puffiness, sugar craving, allergies and pimples on the face.


Parasite eggs can penetrate the mucous membrane of a human organ and be carried by the blood to different organs throughout the body.  Parasitic contamination of the brain may lead to chronic headaches, depression, loss of hope and nervousness.  Sinus contamination can cause allergic type reactions such as runny nose, sneezing and itching.  Lung infection can cause chronic coughs, excess mucous production, shortness of breath, and asthma-like conditions.  Liver infection can lead to a variety of food allergies.  Bladder infection by parasites can cause frequent urination.  Contamination of joints can lead to pain and arthritis.  Parasitic infection in children may lead to weight loss, growth problems and bed-wetting in addition to all the above mentioned ailments affecting adults.


The severity of this problem has changed from a low priority to a high-alert focus in the medical community.  In most cases, available laboratory testing may not be reliable in indicating the presence of parasite in the body.


Gastrointestinal problems include anorexia, malabsorption, constipation, abdominal distention (bloating), vomiting, intestinal disorder, flatulence, bad smelling gas and stool as well as gastritis.  Other symptoms may include different kinds of allergies, urticaria (itching), thrush and other lesions in the mouth, irritation and itching of the nose, frequent headaches, general aches and pains, liver or gall bladder problems, vaginal inflammations, skin problems such as pimples and acne in young adults, growth problems in young children, weight gain in adults, depression, irritability, nervousness and lack of energy.



Natural Nontoxic Treatment for Parasite infection


Dr. Salar’s Homeopathic Formula has been extremely successful in treating parasitic infections as well as regulating the process of absorption of nutrients and the elimination of waste products in Digestion.  With Dr. Salar’s 15 day Homeopathic treatment, the patients have been able to improve their health and well being.  They are spared from conventional blood and feces tests which in most cases are not sufficient enough to prove the presence of parasites and are spared from needless and harmful drugs.  This detoxification is not limited to colon but also dissolves and removes the parasites from lungs, liver, gall bladder, kidney, urinary tracts and in generally every organ in the body.  Other advantages of this detoxification treatment are overall well-being, improved physical appearance, increased mental awareness, weight loss, and lessened food allergies. The treatment may balance H. pylori (microorganism) activity in the digestive



In addition to removing parasites, this Homeopathic formula is also an effective alternative treatment in regulating the function of the digestive system.

Having a healthy digestion is a key factor in having a healthy mind and body.  The cells, tissues and organs in our body need to be nourished constantly in order to function and remain healthy.  Essential nutrients such as Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids need to be properly absorbed by the body from the diet.  An insufficient absorption of nutrients during the digestive process can cause a variety of physical, as well as mental problems.  Physical complications may include Arthritis, body aches and pains, circulatory problems, low energy and more.  Mental disturbances such as depression, anxiety and mood swings can occur as a result of a deficiency in Amino Acid, affecting the level of the Neurotransmitters in the Brain.  Brain function can also be affected by the deficiencies of certain vitamins and minerals.



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