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A Passage through Time

By Author, Journalist, and Filmmaker, Mr. Parviz Nazerian

Written and translated by Dr. Farzad Farahmand:

Published in the February 2015 issue of the Calabasas Times Magazine:

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting and having a conversation with the well respected Iranian author, journalist, news writer and filmmaker, Mr. Parviz Nazerian, to discuss the night of his honoring ceremony held by the American Iranian Jewish Federation last January.   The article that I wrote, covering the night of his honoring ceremony was published in the April 2014 issue of the Calabasas Times magazine.


Last week, on a beautiful and sunny December day, I once again was fortunate to meet and sit with Mr. Nazerian at the Barnes and Noble book store in Calabasas, to go over some of the reviews of his new book, “A Passage through Time”, written by several distinguished and intellectual Iranian public figures.  Together we translated some of the reviews of his book from Farsi into English.  Below are selections of the translated reviews of Mr. Nazerian’s new book, “A Passage through Time”:


Mr. Alireza Meibodi, Poet and TV personality writes, “Mr. Parviz Nazerian’s style of writing is very unique.  He has the rare ability to arrange the words as a jeweler would in making jewelry.  Any open minded reader from around the world, after reading his book would realize not only the extensive knowledge of Mr. Nazerian in the world of Arts, Literature, Cinema and Politics, but his unique way of delivery of ideas like no other could.


Mrs. Homa Sarshar, Writer and Human Rights activist writes, “Mr. Nazerian’s knowledge in arts and culture of Iran and the world and his way of describing the views of the distinguished artists and scholars, has made him a citizen of the world.  He is very open minded and soft mannered, yet very hard working.  He writes in a very enthusiastic manner and has created a distinctive bridge between intellect and emotion”.


Dr. Danesh Foroughi, leading Psychologist and writer of the book, “The Psychology of Poetry” describes “A Passage through Time” as a Psychoanalytic experience for the reader.  He further writes, “It seems that Mr. Nazerian has observed, witnessed and recorded all the events as they occurred in their time.  After thoroughly reading his book, I think that Parviz Nazerian is at a position where he not only can see but can listen with a third ear”.


Mr. Abbas Pahlavan, Jounalist and story teller writes, “Mr. Parviz Nazerian is a master of Iranian literature, and he knows exactly which words to use in his different articles.  After reading Parviz Nazerian’s new book, “A Passage through Time”, you will realize the extent of his intellect, and in my opinion his intellect goes beyond that of any other Iranian intellectual”.


Mr. Bijan Khalili, well respected writer and book publisher writes, “Parviz Nazerian in his new book, A Passage through Time” talks about the fourth dimension which is through the past, present and the future”.


Mrs. Shahla Javdan, The former president of the American Iranian Jewish Federation writes, “One of the intents of our foundation is to portray the rich Iranian culture, and the book, “A Passage through Time” is a valuable treasure that serves to preserve the culture and pass it on to the next generations.  We are very proud to have held an honoring night for Mr. Parviz Nazerian, a great writer and one of the shining stars of the Iranian literature”.


Dr. Mehdi Aghazamani, Writer and Sociologist writes, “A Passage through Time tells seemingly simple stories and events and Mr. Nazerian, by adding his own point of views paints a big picture that can fire the imagination.  The book is not merely a collection of fictional stories, but it also depicts and describes the different chapters of our lives”.


Mr. Shahram Homayoun, the director of channel one TV writes, “Parviz Nazerian is part of the new Iranian modern movement in the Iranian culture and Politics”.


Dr. Homa Mahmoudi, writer and Psychologist writes, “Parviz Nazerian is a human rights advocate who has feministic rights as well”.


Mr. Sadderdding Elahi, Leading writer and Jounalist writes, “Mr. Nazerian’s charming style of writing tends to lighten up the darkness of the night for his readers.  Parviz Nazerian in his new book, A Passage through Time”, is able to bring famous personalities in front of your eyes, and as they talk about themselves, they change and clear up your past judgments, misconceptions and false beliefs.



Just as our body needs exercise, our mind needs to exercise as well.  Reading books that stimulate the mind can keep the Brain in optimum shape and can delay loss of memory and the process of aging.  After reading this book, I myself strongly recommend reading it and exercising your mind in order to stay in good spirit.


Dr. Farzad Farahmand


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