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Exceptional Iranian Journalist, & Radio, Television Personality

Mr. Sassan Kamali

By Dr. Farzad Farahmand:

Published in the November 2014 issue of the Calabasas Times Magazine:


The Iranian Journalist, On-air personality and political analyst, Mr. Sassan Kamali is one of the most well respected public figures in the Persian community.  He is often referred to as an extraordinary Journalist for having an outstanding and exceptional style of collecting and effectively communicating information to the public, anywhere from politics and current events to science, literature, Arts and entertainment.  He is specially admired by fans of all ages, for his effortless and often spontaneous sense of humor and his calm and compassionate personality.


Since the year 1969 when he began his career as a Journalist and a Radio and Television news caster in Iran, Mr. Kamali has accumulated over 15 thousand hours of Live Broadcasting in Tehran and in Los Angeles combined.


He is considered as a man of all traits.  His extensive educational background includes studying at the Military Academy of Iran, receiving a degree in Advanced Economic Studies from the University of Maryland and computer and management training at IBM international.  His work experience includes Director of Human resources, as well as Computer Marketing at IBM.  He is also an experienced pilot and has flown jets at the Iranian Imperial Air Force and the United States Air Force.


For the past 13 years, Mr. Kamali has steadily been hosting an early morning weekday radio show in Los Angeles, on Radio Iran KIRN, 670 AM.  Thousands of       local listeners wake up to his voice as their alarm clocks go off in the early morning hours.  Throughout the years and on a daily basis, he has managed to constantly maintain the interest of his audience by remaining up to date and on the top of all the current events, as he feels a big sense of responsibility and loyalty towards them.  By adding flavor and spice to the show with his unique style of delivery and humor, he has also managed to overcome the difficult task of attracting a large number of younger listeners who often prefer to wake up to American music stations.  He has a way of transferring positive energy to his audience by putting a smile on their faces and creating the right mood to start their day.  The show not only covers southern California, it also reaches an international audience including Iran, through the internet.


His long time friend and colleague Mr. Parviz Nazerian mentions in his latest book, "A Passage through Time", that Sassan Kamali never takes sides on the issues, remains neutral and specially has never crossed the line to offend any person or particular group with his humor.  Mr. Nazerian regards this as not merely a skill but an art, and refers to him as a mobile encyclopedia.


Mr. Kamali has special love towards his country of Iran and has remained active in preserving and keeping the Persian culture alive outside the country.


I myself am a big fan of Mr. Kamali and specially enjoy and admire his sense of humor.  It has been an honor and a privilege for me to have the opportunity to write about and express my feelings towards such a distinguished man and partially mention some of his services and long lasting achievements that have been influencing and will continue to influence our lives for long times to come.....

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