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Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD.

The Biology of Belief

By Dr. Farzad Farahmand

While I was attending Life West Chiropractic College in Northern California, I had the pleasure of coming across a course that in addition to using different terminologies that validated the concepts that I already believed in, it ultimately changed my perspective on the Biology and the behavior of living organisms in the context of their environment.


The course was Fractal Biology, a name that I originally was not familiar with.  As a Biology major I became interested in knowing more about it.  I became more and more interested and decided to register for the course. 


Every student spoke with great excitement and a deep sense of enthusiasm when it came to the topic of the class which was always filled to capacity with some people standing in the back of the room.  There were no exam requirements and even though no attendance was taken and no students were under any obligation to attend this night class, students could not wait be present at the class.


The course was taught by the then unknown, internationally renowned research scientist, Cell Biologist, author and University Professor, Dr. Bruce Lipton.  His teachings and the way he communicated the topics to the students was done energetically and with a lot of passion.  At the time, many students including myself were encouraging him to write a book.  We all saw a huge potential in him.


Dr. Lipton was on the faculty of the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine and later performed groundbreaking stem-cell research at Stanford University.  He is the best-selling author of the book, The Biology of Belief and has received the 2009 prestigious Goi Peace Award (Japan) in honor of his scientific contribution to world. 


He uses the concepts of Quantum Physics and integrates them into his understanding of how the cells work both individually and the way they behave collectively in a community of cells.  And he strongly believes that our genes are not the only responsible factor for our behavior.  He strongly suggests that a living being responses and behaves to the signals coming from its environment.  And the environment can actually override the genetics or the DNA.


Dr. Bruce Lipton explains that the cells of our body, both at the individual level and collectively in a community of cells, can exist only in two different states.  1. Growth or 2. Protection.  They cannot possibly exist in both states at the same time.  It’s either Growth or protection.  It takes energy both to grow and to protect yourself.  The way the cells perceive the signals that come from the environment is what determines whether the cell is in the state of Growth or protections.


The Growth state promotes health and wellbeing, while the Protection state promotes fear and system shut down.


As an example, when you’re thirsty, you drink water.  That is considered a Growth response.  But if on your way to get water a lion shows up right in front of you, even though your body is saying that it is thirsty and you need water to grow, it’s no longer a wise decision for you to go to the water and satisfy your thirst.  Instead you get into a state of fear and get ready to run away.  While in the protection states, you can no longer think in a logical manner.  The blood from the Brain and the viscera, move towards the somatic system or the hands and the feet, in order to help us run away from danger and protect ourselves.


The most powerful Growth promoting signal in the environment is Love.  Love is the opposite of fear.  It’s an energy that creates harmony.  It is felt in the body every time it is experienced.  When the cells of the body received the signal of Love, they get into the most powerful state of Growth.


In the orphanages, there is staff, food, bed, clothes, medicine, etc…  The only thing they don’t have is love.  The studies show that their Growth and development is significantly lower than the kids who are under the care of their loving parents.


We are constantly being bombarded by signals coming from our environment.  Our behavior is determined by the way we perceive or interpret these signals.  Signals are received from the environment and recorded by the subconscious mind.  Our subconscious mind is like a tape recorder.  Music is put into the machine and played back.  You hear the music and perceive it as bad.  Then you tell the player to stop the music.  But the tape recorder doesn’t have ears.  It is programmed to keep playing the music.


All of our everyday behaviors are programmed tapes that have been recorded by environmental stimuli and played back by the tape recorder.  In case you don’t like the music, you would not be able to stop it.  The tape recorder does not have a rational mind.  It plays every time a button is pushed.  Just like the expression, “You push my buttons”.  We can yell and argue with the tape player all we want, but it won’t listen.  It’s just a tape.


The way out of this loop is not to use the pre programmed tapes or the subconscious mind, but instead it's by using our conscious mind.  You can change the tape but in no way you can force it to change.


Behaviors that come from your genetic programming are in your “nature”.  Other behaviors are learned and are called ‘nurture”.  Nurture can override nature.  For example a child is born, the parents may be afraid if the kid goes near the water.  They panic every time that happens.  The child eventually makes the connection that, ‘Every time I go near the water, my parents freak out”.   Conclusion:  “Water is dangerous to your life”.   And when he’s 4 years old, his parent may throw him into the water.  And even though it is in the child’s nature and genetic programming to swim, the child is not able to swim.  Nurture can reprogram or override nature.


Almost every day to day behavior that you exercise are tapes.  It’s like being on automatic pilot.  When your consciousness travels to the future or the past, rather than being in the present moment, then it is the subconscious that is operating.   


The cells in the community respond to a central voice.  The central voice is the tape that you’ve recorded.  This voice organizes your Biology.  The cells have no choice but to listen to the voice.  However, the central voice may not always be accurate. 

There are so many debilitating programs that you’ve picked up that you don’t even know you have, since you were not conscious when the tape was being made. 


For example, someone with a programmed central voice that says, “You Are Not Good Enough” goes to compete in the school’s track team.  His first race he is ahead of everyone.  The central voice says, “You’re not good enough and yet you are winning”.  Then he stumbles and falls down and thinks it was an accident. 


The subconscious mind is the tape recorder playing the central voice.   In order to take control of the central voice you need to run the show Live rather than playing the tape from the subconscious.  This is called, “Free Will”.  When you don’t have consciousness, you play the tapes and there is no free will.  Your buttons are pushed and the tapes are played.  In their daily lives, people don’t tend to often use consciousness and they mostly become the victim of tapes.


We cannot expect a change to occur when the consciousness commands the subconscious mind.  You simply cannot talk to a tape recorder with no ears and no logic.  Dr. Bruce Lipton suggests ways to reprogram your tapes through Energy psychology and hypnotherapy.


Dr. Bruce Lipton’s main message is that he believes that collectively as a population we’ve been disempowered by science and the outside world.  We’ve been told that we are the victims of our genes, that we are machines and have little to no control over our lives.  He believes this to be far from the truth and that we are powerful beings.


We are all cells in a larger organism called the humanity.  Once we believe that, as a community we start to support each other, rather than destroy each other.  And ultimately we will realize that as individuals we are far greater than who we believe we are.


Dr. Farzad Farahmand


© 2013 All Rights Reserved








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