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Patient's Testimonials

I served in two tours during the Iraq war in 2003 and returned home with a delayed case of mild traumatic brain injury/PTSD.  With Dr. Farahmand’s Brain normalizing formula I received relief from all my anxiety and experienced deliverance from many problems.  My choices of employment have improved and I can cope with any situation not feeling stressed.  I enjoyed immediate results with long term satisfaction so many thanks to Dr. John Gray for his advice and Dr. Farahmand of                       




Michael G.


3, 3, 2015

I am a father of seven children and am very involved in my children's sports and recreational activities.  I have found Dr. Farzad Farahmand's unique chiropractic techniques to be invaluable in helping me keep my back and neck healthy.  In addition, his and his father's understanding of the biochemical makeup of our bodies and how to support healthy tissues and bones has been very helpful to me and my family for the last 15 years.


Dan Bryant


1,20, 2017


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