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Understanding Osteoarthritis


Osteoarthritis, also called joint disease or Osteoarthrosis, is the most common form of arthritis, currently affecting as many as 40 million people in the US.  It is characterized by a gradual loss of cartilage, and overgrowth of bone within one or more joints.  The cartilage surface, once firm and smooth, becomes soft, rough and irregular.  Erosion of cartilage may continue until bony surfaces come in contact with each other.  OA can occur in almost any joint, most commonly the knee, hip, spine, hands and feet.


OA is a slow, progressive disease that begins at the cellular level in the joint cartilage, often with traumatic events.  The exact cause of cartilage deterioration is unknown, but is generally related to single or repetitive injuries, normal wear and tear over time, and chemical changes within the joint.


OA can worsen due to continued wear and tear, including excessive weight bearing and overuse of the joint.   However, our body’s self-repair system might also be to blame.  When joints are damaged, the body starts an inflammatory response, which, itself, can damage cartilage. 


Currently, there is no cure for OA, but a great deal can be done to prevent the illness from happening, or slow down its progression, in order to improve the functional abilities to perform daily activities. 

Arthroben is a synergistic Medical Food product that helps reduce cartilage and joint inflammation, as well as providing all the nutrition needed by bone and cartilage in order to maintain their healthy state, without the side effects of Anti-inflammatory medications.  

Arthroben (Medical Food)

Arthroben® is a safe, effective, non-NSAID, anti-inflammatory formula offered in a highly absorbable, delicious tasting lemon-lime flavored powder. Its combination of nutrients work to reduce inflammation, stimulate connective tissue repair and increase joint mobility and function.


Benefits of Arthroben® include:

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Balanced inhibition of COX-1, COX-2, 5-LOX

  • Offers potent antioxidant protection to reduce joint deterioration 

  • Increases joint mobility and function

  • Stimulates joint repair, and provides nutritional building blocks for cartilage, ligaments (and skin)

  • Not associated with the negative side effects that are commonly seen with NSAIDs & other drugs

  • Safe for patients on warfarin (Coumadin)

  • Little or no effect on prothrombin times (PT)

Made with non-GMO ingredients.

This product addresses the Chemical related factors that may cause Osteoarthritis.  For more information on the 5 different causal factor for illnesses, please refer to the following link to an article written by Dr. Farzad Farahmand titled, From illness to Wellness:


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