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By Dr. Farzad Farahmand

Looking back at history, science and medicine have come a long way in helping to identify, prevent and treat various types of illnesses that affect the quality of our lives.  Some of the debilitating and previously life threatening conditions are now more under control, and life expectancy has significantly been rising.

Conventional medicine has been focusing on controlling specific symptoms of various illnesses.  Integrative medicine, or complementary medicine as I’d like to call it, mainly focuses on addressing the underlying causes of illnesses, beyond symptoms.   While there are countless numbers of physical and emotional symptoms such as headaches, joint pain, chronic cough, indigestion, depression, anxiety and more, there are only 5 major factors that can cause those symptoms.  By addressing those causal factors, many of the physical and emotional symptoms of various illnesses can be resolved and prevented.  In this article, I’d like to explain the 5 different causal factors, and offer some simple solutions on how to achieve and maintain overall health and well being.  Or in other words, explain the steps we can take in our journey from Illness to Wellness. 

Before I begin, I’d like to make it clear that the integrative medicine approach is not a substitute to the conventional medical treatments, but rather can complement them in case medication therapy or surgery is indicated.    

The following 5 causal factors are each broad categories with subdivisions that will be explained in more detail.  Let us begin…..

The 5 Causal Factors for Illness:

1.  Chemical Related Factors

This broad category includes any Chemical material that can affect the functioning of the body, whether positively or negatively.  Certain Chemicals that serve as essential nutrients, such as Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids are beneficial to the body, while other Chemicals such as environmental toxins and waste products can have a harmful effect on the body.  Putting it in simple words, there are Good chemicals, and there are Bad chemicals.  It is the lack of the Good chemicals, and the excess buildup of the Bad chemicals that can negatively affect the proper functioning of the body.  Too much of certain Chemicals in the body, can become toxic or harmful to the body, while too little of certain chemicals can cause deficiencies, that can in turn cause a variety of illnesses at a Physical, as well as at an emotional level.

Deficiency or the lack of the Good chemicals such as Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids can be caused by 2 different factors:  

  • Poor Nutrition- When not enough nutrients are provided to the body.

  • Poor Absorption-When the provided nutrients are not properly absorbed into the body.

The standard American diet, which mostly consists of processed foods, often lacks the proper amount of nutrients that the cells, tissues and organs in our body need.  Without the proper dietary supplementation of those essential nutrients, the body becomes nutrient deficient.  This can also occur as a result of poor absorption of those nutrients in the digestive process, regardless of how nutritious our diet may be.

The Bad chemicals or Toxins that the body doesn’t need, can come from Poor Diet, the Environment, alcohol abuse, the overuse of prescription medication, Emotional stress, and more.  And in case these Bad chemicals are not properly eliminated by the body, due to factors such poor digestion, or a decrease in liver and or kidney function, they can build up to toxic levels in our body.  This can also be the cause of many ailments at the physical, as well as at an emotional level.

Addressing the Chemical related causal factors for various illnesses can be achieved in 4 subsequent steps:

  • Taking out or getting rid of the Bad chemicals or Toxins that the body doesn’t need, through the process of Detoxification (Purification).

  • Minimizing the further buildup of Bad chemicals or toxins in the body, as well as ensuring the proper elimination of toxins from the body, by supporting healthy Digestion, drinking enough water and making healthy lifestyle changes.

  • Addressing any Deficiency-Giving the body the Good chemicals that it needs and may be deficient of or lacking.

  • Maintaining the balance by making sure that the body continues receiving the proper amount of Good chemicals or essential nutrients that it was lacking in the first place, in order to prevent deficiencies from reoccurring.

As the first step in our journey from Illness to Wellness, it is recommended to go through a comprehensive Cellular Detoxification program, once or twice a year, to cleanse the body of toxins.  Cellular Detoxification can maximize the effect and the duration of the results of any subsequent treatments, in addition to improving energy levels, vitality and mental concentration, as well as promoting weight loss and a general feeling of well being.

After the detoxification, in order to minimize the amount of Bad chemicals from further entering the body, it is very crucial to heal and seal the lining of the Gut or the small intestine.  This lining forms a selective barrier or a seal that allows for the absorption of certain material into the body, while preventing unwanted material from entering the body.  I like to call this selective barrier, the Blood Gut Barrier or (BGB).  BGB is also the body’s first line of defense against such infectious and inflammatory agents as Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites, Candida and more.  Malfunction of this selective barrier is a condition commonly referred to as Leaky Gut. 

Some of the factors that can lead to having a Leaky Gut include:

  •  Poor Diet

  • The excessive use of prescription medication

  • Emotional stress

  • Dysbiosis-An imbalance in the ratio between the harmful Bacteria versus the beneficial Bacteria (Probiotics) in the Gut

  • The presence of such inflammatory agents as Candida and or Parasites.

Digestive Enzymes and Probiotic supplementation, in addition to maintaining a healthy diet, stress management and cleansing the body of Candida and Parasites, can help heal and seal the lining of the Gut.  For more detailed information about the Blood Gut Barrier and its relationship to the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB), please refer to my article titled, Neuroinflammation, New Approach to Brain Health.

The third important step in our journey from illness to wellness is to provide the Good chemicals that the body needs and may be deficient of or lacking.  Proper amounts of Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids are necessary for the body to function properly.  It is very difficult to provide these Good chemicals to the body through our Diet alone.  Therefore, dietary supplementation of Essential nutrients in long term is highly recommended.

The last step in addressing the Chemical related causal factor for illness is maintenance.  In addition to the long term use of Enzymes, Probiotics and Essential nutrient supplementation, the short term use of Biochemic Cell Salts, for as little as a few days at a time is highly recommended for the maintenance of healthy cells and tissues in the body.  For more information about Biochemic Cell Salts, please refer to my voice narrated video documentary titled, Introducing Biochemic Medicine

Repeating the Detoxification process once or twice a year is also highly recommended for maintenance, especially since exposure to toxins or the Bad chemicals is not entirely avoidable in our modern day lifestyle.  And last but not least, drinking enough water, especially the right type of water throughout the day, is crucial in ensuring the proper elimination of toxins, waste products or Bad chemicals from the body.

Once the body is addressed Chemically at a physical level, we’d be ready to move a step higher in our journey to wellness.  From the body, to the mind.  Next, we’ll move on to the second category of causal factors for illnesses; Emotional Stress.



2.  Emotional Stress


In general, stress is the body’s protection response against any danger or threat, whether real or imagined.  In emergency situations, stress can save our lives by switching the body and the Nervous system into a state of high alert, helping us to stay more focused and have more energy to protect ourselves.  Stress can also help us overcome challenges, such as studying and taking an exam, or keeping us on our toes while giving a speech in front of an audience.  Once that stressful or the challenging situation is over, the nervous system should normally switch from the state of high alert, back to its original calm state. 


In the absence of danger or any threat, our body is in a health promoting state.  The different systems in our body, such as the Digestive, Cardiovascular and the Endocrine system, along with all their associated organs, receive the right amount of Nerve impulse and Blood flow needed to stay healthy.  However, in the presence of danger, a whole different set of Nerves take over, Blood vessels constrict, and Blood from the Brain and other organs, or the viscera, moves to our hands and legs in order to prepare us to either fight with, or run away from the danger.  


Whereas stress in short term can be helpful to us, and in emergency situations can even save our lives and the lives of others, Chronic and ongoing stress can be quite damaging to the body.  Continuously being in a state of high alert, with diminished nerve impulse and Blood flow to the organs and systems in our body, can result in dysfunction and illness.  It can significantly affect our productivity, Energy level, relationships, career, ability to focus, sleep and the quality of life in general. 


In today’s modern day lifestyle, we are constantly exposed to ongoing and often unavoidable stress on a daily basis.  In addition, major Traumatic events that often occur in our lives, such as losing a loved one or going through a divorce, can also have a major impact on our emotions, and can switch our body into the stress or the protection mode, not only at the moment of the event, but for years and years following the emotional trauma.  A condition commonly referred to as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 


The Adrenal system is the main protection mechanism that is activated in response to stress.  The Adrenals are a pair of Glands sitting on top of each kidney, responsible for secreting the hormones Cortisol and Adrenalin.   These hormones help prepare the body to deal with and adapt to stress. 


In case of Chronic stress, whether it’s real or imagined in our mind, the Adrenal glands are constantly working and secreting stress hormones.  This causes a condition called Adrenal Fatigue, which can result in the body developing resistance to the stress hormones.  In this case, the stress hormones lose their effectiveness in combating stress, and therefore we lose our ability to handle stress.  Every little task may seem overwhelming to us.  In other words, we’ll get “stressed out”. 


Our mind cannot tell the difference between real or imagined threats.  The memory of a threatening situation or an emotionally traumatic event, either recent or in the past, can often subconsciously linger in the back of our mind and cause us to experience the same feelings and emotions as we had originally experienced at the time of the event.  The same stress hormones are secreted by the Adrenals, bringing about feelings of anxiety and panic, along with all the physiological changes that are associated with them, such as increased heart rate, sweating, hand tremors and more.  Many of us may be emotionally suffering and have anxiety and panic attacks from certain childhood traumas, without ever knowing why.


The Adrenal system protects us against dangers that are outside of us, such as a poisonous snake or a Tiger.  The internal threats such as a bacterial or a viral infection are handled by the Immune system.  Protecting ourselves against both inside and outside threats requires Energy.  In case there is simultaneously a bacterial infection inside of our body at the time we see the Tiger, what would be wise for the body to do at that point?  To invest its Energy in fighting the Bacterial infection, or invest it all towards pumping Blood from the organs to the hands and legs, in order to make them stronger and prepare us to either fight with, or run away and protect ourselves from a life threatening situation?  At times of stress, our immune system significantly weakens.  While our Energy is being invested towards our survival and protecting our body against outside threats, the internal threats inside of our body, such as Bacterial or Viral infections are neglected, resulting in illness.


The Tiger analogy that I’ve been using above, pertains to the most extreme cases of life and death situations or traumas that we may once in a while face in our lives, while the body shows full blown Psychological and Physiological responses.  In our daily lives however, we are all constantly exposed to less intense micro traumas, such as simply not having our unrealistic expectations met as a result of being a perfectionist, or the anticipation of the possibility of not being able to pay the next month’s rent.  These micro traumas can have an additive effect on the body, to the point of falsely creating the feelings as if we are in a life and death situation, such as the one in the Tiger analogy.  The chronic exposure to these micro traumas, in various different intensities, can in time weaken our immune system and produce the same Adrenal (stress response) that puts us in a constant state of high alert, and diminishes or shuts down Blood flow to the systems and organs in our body.


Chronic stress, just as Chemical stresses (Toxins), cannot be entirely avoided or eliminated.  However, it can be minimized and managed.  The management of Adrenal Fatigue is an extremely important step in our journey from Illness to Wellness.  This can be achieved by supporting the function of the Adrenal Glands, followed by providing the needed nutrition to the Glands in long term.  This Non-Toxic approach is often referred to as the Seed & Feed approach.   The Seed potion can be achieved by the short term use of Glandular supplements that can have a normalizing effect on the function of the Adrenals.  After the Seeding, comes the Feeding of the Adrenals, which can be achieved by the long term use of specific nutritional supplements.


In addition to addressing the Adrenal Glands at the Physiological level, having a sense of belonging to our environment, having social support, feeling accepted in the work place and feeling Loved among family and friends at a Psychological level, are also crucial factors in minimizing stress and maintaining a healthy mind and body.


Once we address the Chemical and the Emotional factors that contribute to Illness, we are ready to move on to the next step in our journey to Wellness; Physical Trauma. 



3.  Physical Trauma


This category of causal factors for illnesses involves any direct Physical impact to the body or the head, as a result of car accidents, sports injuries, slip & falls, and more.  Mild to moderate head injuries that we all experience on numerous occasions throughout our lives, can be the cause of many different conditions.  The terms, “Mild” or “Moderate”, are only used to describe the severity of the initial impact that caused the injury.  However, the severity and the long term consequences of that injury may often be far from mild to moderate. 


As a result of such Mild head injuries as falling off a bicycle, or being involved in a low impact car accident, minor bleeding may occur within the Brain, which may later lead to the formation of minute microscopic scar tissue on the Brain.  These formed microscopic scars, which often go undetected by MRI and other Brain imaging studies, can interfere with the normal electrical activity of the Brain, and can in time cause a variety of Neurological and Psychological symptoms such as Headaches, Depression, Anxiety, Attention Deficit Disorder, Memory Loss, Sleep problems, Irritability, Seizures, Obsessive Thoughts, Loss of Balance and more.  Symptoms may appear after years following the head injury.  As an example, the cause of having memory loss or lack of concentration during adulthood can be traced back to falling off a bicycle as a teenager, or other similar incidences that we may or may not remember.  For more information on Brain injuries, please refer to my article titled, Sports, Athletes and Brain Injuries.


Another major consequence of Mild to Moderate head injury is Inflammation in the Brain that often occurs after the injury.  Brain Inflammation, often referred to as Neuroinflammation, is commonly Chronic and ongoing, and can cause the same conditions as the ones caused by the scars on the Brain as a result of Head Injury, as mentioned in the last paragraph.  Among the structures that are inflamed in the Brain is the Pituitary gland, which is considered as the Master gland that controls the function of all the other Endocrine glands in the body.  Pituitary gland inflammation can lead to hormonal imbalances, including Adrenal insufficiencies leading to anxiety, panic attacks and other stress related illnesses.


The cause of Depression, Anxiety and other Brain related conditions, may not only be due to the commonly assumed Chemical imbalance in the Brain.  The cause may rather be scars on the Brain or Chronic Neuroinflammation as a result of a recent or a past Head injury.  For more detailed explanation of the mechanism of Neuroinflammation, please refer to my Article titled, Neuroinflammation, New Approach to Brain Health


Patients with Depression, Anxiety or other Brain related illnesses, who do not positively respond to prescription medications intended to correct Brain Chemistry, may benefit from available Non-Toxic approaches that can help Normalize Brain Function as well as addressing Neuroinflammation and other consequences of recent or past Head injuries.

Physical injuries may not necessarily be traumatic.  They can occur at smaller scales referred to as micro traumas.  Micro traumas can be caused over time by bad posture, sleeping in uncomfortable positions, sitting down or standing up for long periods of time and more, and they can affect the proper alignment of our vertebrae in the spine.  Misalignment of the spine can put pressure on the nerves that exit the spine, and diminish the electrical impulse that they carry to all the tissues and organs in our body.  Spinal misalignments can of course also occur as a result of major Physical traumas and accidents, as well as indirectly by emotional stress.


Receiving regular Chiropractic adjustments to align our spine, can not only improve symptoms caused by Physical Trauma such as pain and muscle spasm, but can also improve nerve conduction to all the Tissues and organs in our body to ensure optimum wellness.



4.  Infectious Micro-Organism


Illnesses can be divided into 2 categories.  Infectious and Non-Infectious.  Infectious illnesses are contagious, meaning they can be transmitted from one individual to another, while the Non-infectious illnesses are not.  So far, we’ve been discussing the causes for Non-Infectious illnesses.  Infectious or Contagious illnesses are caused by Micro-Organisms living in our body, mainly Viruses and Bacteria.


The word Microbe is a collective term referring to all the different microorganisms that live in our body as a whole, such as Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Parasites and more.  There are 10 Trillion human cells, versus a 100 Trillion Microbial cells in our body.  Therefore, Microbial cells outnumber the human cells by 10 to 1.  We are mostly made up of cells of other living organisms that live on and inside of our body.


As I’ve already mentioned above, some Bacteria may be harmful to the body, while others may be beneficial.  In other words, there are Good Bacteria, and there are Bad Bacteria.  The beneficial Bacteria are commonly referred to as Probiotics, while the harmful or infectious Bacteria are referred to as Pathogens.  In a healthy body, the normal ratio is roughly about 80% Good Bacteria, verses about 20% Bad Bacteria.  As long as this healthy ratio is maintained in the body, the Bad Bacteria can stay dormant, without expressing any of their harmful effects.  Dysbiosis as mentioned above, is a term that refers to an imbalance in the healthy ratios between the Good versus the Bad Bacteria, which can often lead to Leaky Gut, Inflammation, a weakened Immune system and more.  The number one cause of Dysbiosis is the excessive use of prescription medication, particularly Antibiotics, in addition to Emotional stress, over consumption of sugar, drinking Chlorinated Tap water and more.

Antibiotics are powerful medicine for the treatment of Bacterial infections such as Strep Throat, Bronchitis, Urinary Tract Infection, Tuberculosis and more.  When used properly, Antibiotics can save lives by either killing Bacteria, or stopping them from reproducing.  There are however a few factors to be concerned about, regarding the use of Antibiotics.  Although they have been proven effective as medicine, Antibiotics in and of themselves fall under the category of Toxins.  They are only more toxic to Bacteria, than they are to our body as a whole.  But nevertheless, they are toxins.  Antibiotics target Bacteria in general, without distinguishing between the beneficial, versus the harmful Bacteria.  They kill both the Good and the Bad Bacteria at the same time, leading to a weakened immune function,  Leaky Gut, Inflammation, and many other symptoms and conditions that could be the result of Dysbiosis.

Antibiotics can also become progressively less and less effective in time when taken repeatedly, since the Pathogens can outsmart them and develop resistance towards them.  Therefore, it is best to use Antibiotics less frequently, with more caution, and only when absolutely necessary to prevent certain Bacterial infections with potentially serious and life threatening consequences. 

Viruses are much more complex, and far more difficult creatures to manage compared to Bacteria and other Microorganisms.  They can cause a variety of acute and chronic infectious diseases such as the Common Cold, Chicken Pox, Measles, Hepatitis, Influenza, and more.  Antibiotics do not work for the treatment of viral infections.  The available treatments for viral infections are either preventative through the use of vaccines, or they are symptomatic, by controlling and bring about symptomatic relief, such as relief of headache symptoms as a result of common cold, while we wait for the body and the immune system to fight off the infection. 


The Conventional medical approach to addressing the Infectious Microorganisms as the causal factors of certain illnesses, involves the use of vaccines, Antibiotics and treatments that bring about symptomatic relief while we wait and hope for the best.


Integrative medicine, in addition to supporting the immune system to directly fight off infections, uses more of an indirect, preventative approach to addressing the infectious microorganisms as the causal factor for illnesses.  The lining of the Gut, or the selective barrier that I like to call the Blood Gut Barrier (BGB), is the body’s first line of defense against any type of microorganisms, including not only Bacteria and Viruses, but also such microorganisms as Candida and Parasites. By healing and sealing the Blood Gut Barrier, as well as supporting the healthy population of Probiotics or the Good Bacteria in the Gut, we can prevent infectious microorganisms from entering our circulation through the Gut, therefore minimizing the chances of bacterial or viral infection, as well as preventing the numerous Physical and Emotional symptoms that may appear as a result of Parasites, Candida and other microorganisms from entering the body.  To learn more about Parasites and their mechanism of action throughout the body, not limited to the Digestive system, please refer to my article titled, Parasites Mechanism of Action, and for more information on Candida, please refer to my article titled, Fungal Infections Candida / Yeast


And this brings us to the 5th and the final category of causal factors for illnesses, the Hereditary or the Genetic factors……..








5.  Hereditary or the Genetic factors


According to the conventional belief, the cause of many Physical and Emotional illnesses could directly be due to Genetic factors or traits that we are born with, and we’ve inherited from our parents.  And in case there is any possibility of us having inherited a certain Gene for an illness that is running in our family, then it is very likely that we too would develop that particular illness, while having the chance to further pass that Gene onto our children.  This concept is based on the theory known as Genetic Determinism, which is the belief that the Genes alone determine our character, our behavior and whether or not we end up developing a particular illness that we may be carrying the Gene for.   In other words, according to the conventional theory of Genetic determinism, we are the victims of the Genes that we have inherited, and we have no choice but to live with and deal with the consequences of our Genetic makeup.


According to the latest research that has shed more light onto the development of the modern science of “Epigenetics”; we are not necessarily the victim of our Genes or our heredity, but rather a product of our environment.  The Greek prefix Epi in Epigenetics means, “Above”.  The word Epigenetics literally means, above Genetics, referring to the possibility of outside, environmental influences that can affect the expression of the Genetic information that we have inherited. 


One of the leading researchers of our time in the field of Epigenetics, is the internationally renowned research scientist, Cell Biologist, Bestselling author, and my former teacher and mentor in school back when he was still unknown, Dr. Bruce Lipton.  I consider myself especially fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Lipton, and I’m glad to have been among the students in his class who first encouraged him to write his book, “The Biology of Belief”, which later ended up becoming an international bestseller.


Dr. Bruce Lipton’s research and teachings scientifically explains the profound and direct effect that our environment or more specifically our thoughts, beliefs and the “perception” of the environment that we live in can have on the cells in our body, both individually and collectively as a whole, and how our perception can ultimately override our Genes and determine their expression.


Dr. Bruce Lipton explains that we are all a product of the programming of our mind, which includes both our positive as well as our negative life experiences that have been influencing the way we perceive our environment.  He once used a very interesting analogy in class to get this point across.   He turned on the slide projector that he was using for his lecture.  The machine was projecting only pure bright white light onto the blank slide screen, while having no slides originally loaded on it.  He said that at the time of birth, we are all like that pure bright white light that was being projected onto the blank slide screen which he indicated as representing our blank subconscious mind, ready to be programmed and recorded on.  The bright white light represented pure, infinite Energy without limitation.  Dr. Lipton then started adding slides to the projector, indicating that the slides represented our life experiences that shaped our beliefs and our perceptions of how we view our environment.  Some of the slides contained images of Fear and failure, while others contained images of Love and success.  


As we go through life, the experiences or the slides that are added to our originally blank slide screen or our subconscious mind, start to gradually put limitations onto that pure white light, or that pure unlimited potential Energy that we are all originally born with.  We are all a product of our experiences that have been progressively programming our subconscious mind, our beliefs and our perception of the environment.  Many of the perceptions and beliefs that are programmed and shaped in our mind in the course of our lives are beliefs that are inaccurate or false.  And there are these false, inaccurate and often self-limiting programs that are running our lives without even us being aware of them. 


95% of our thoughts, beliefs, actions and behaviors come from our habitual, reactive and preprogrammed Subconscious mind, while only 5% of them come from our creative or Conscious mind.  Therefore, rather than creating our own life, we are merely playing pre-recorded tapes that have been recording often inaccurate information since our childhood, shaping the way we perceive our environment.  And about 70% of our subconscious programming is often self-limiting, disempowering programs that undermine who we are as an individual, and what we are really capable of accomplishing. 


The reason for us often having difficulty in life, trying to consciously materialize such wishes and desires as being successful, being happy and feeling deserving of Love, is that deep in our programmed subconscious mind, especially the programming and the messages that we’ve received from our parents and others during the most impressionable first 7 years of our lives, we do not believe that we are deserving of Love, success and happiness.  Even if we consciously desire to be happy and successful, our pre-recorded, subconscious past programming will interfere with the steps that we take in our lives towards fulfilling those conscious desires, and will eventually influence the ultimate outcome.


In order to reach our full potential and to consciously create our innermost wishes and desires in life, we need to change our programming.  And that is far easier said than done.  It takes a lot of effort, discipline, conscious motivation, subconscious reprogramming and most important of all “Time & Patience” to change years and years of programming.  Consciously deleting a few old files, or as in the above analogy, the old slides in the slide projector, and then instantly replacing them with new files or slides is not going to produce any significant or long  lasting results.  It takes constant effort to delete as many self-limiting and dis-empowering old files as possible, while replacing them with new files filled with positive images and experiences.  Adding new files to our mind is not nearly as difficult or as complex and time requiring of a process as it is to delete the old files.  “Time” plays an extremely crucial factor during this conscious and ongoing file deleting and replacing process.  We need to constantly have new positive experiences, plus the time needed for those experiences to record over and replace the Bad or the self-limiting files.  It seems highly unlikely that such an ideal and time requiring process could take place and move forward, particularly in the world that we live in, to the point of producing any significant, positive and long lasting results.  Reprogramming the subconscious mind does not require any conscious effort on our part, nor does it require a long period of time.  Techniques such as hypnosis, Kriya Yoga and Trans-personal Psychology have been proven highly effective in helping people overcome their self-limiting beliefs and reach their full potential.  By rewriting the software of our mind, we can change the printout of our experience.


Through the use of the sciences of Cell & Molecular Biology, and Quantum Physics, Dr. Bruce Lipton’s lectures, presentations and writings uncover the details of the mechanism of how our beliefs can change our Biology, and how changing our thoughts and our environment, especially the way we perceive ourselves in the context of our environment, can influence whether or not the Genes for certain illnesses that we have inherited from our parents and are predisposed to, will end up being expressed.  To learn more about the science, the Biology and the mechanism by which the signals from our environment can actually override and alter the Genetics or the DNA, please refer to Dr. Bruce Lipton’s video lecture titled, Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton (Full Documentary)And for more information about Dr. Lipton, his background and a summary of the lectures that I tape recorded while attending his classes in school, please refer to my article titled, The Biology of Belief.





And this concludes our discussion of the 5 main causal factors for illnesses.  These 5 factors explain the reason behind a majority of chronic illnesses that makes us feel less than we deserve to feel.  Conventional medicine attempts to treat Chronic, long developing illnesses by using Acute, symptom based approaches.  Treatments often involve controlling or suppressing the uncomfortable symptoms of illnesses, rather than addressing the underlying factors that caused those symptoms in the first place.  Such symptomatic treatments need to be continuous, uninterrupted and on a long term basis, since stopping them would often result in the return or the reoccurrence of those symptoms.  Medications usually need to be prescribed in large doses in order for them to produce any symptomatic relief.  And they may often be habit forming when taken for a long period of time. 

Acute Medical intervention is necessary in the advanced stages of certain illnesses where the symptoms have become debilitating and at times even life threatening.  Addressing the causal factors for those particular illnesses, by means of Natural, Non-Toxic and Non-habit forming treatments, alongside any necessary Acute Medical intervention, can minimize the chances of symptoms from reoccurring.  


As I mentioned in the opening paragraph of this article, the quantity of life or life expectancy has significantly been rising due to modern advancements in science and medicine.However as it seems, a majority of us are not living a quality life as we get older.By addressing the causal factors behind our symptoms, and making the necessary lifestyle changes, we can buy ourselves an express, “one way ticket” from Illness to Wellness, our travel destination.


I hope that I’ve been able to paint the big picture of the main causes behind illnesses.  As always, I wish all of you a well deserved lifetime of Health, Joy and Peace of Mind.


Dr. Farzad Farahmand


© 2017 All Rights Reserved



Special Dedications and Acknowledgements:









This article is a special dedication in memory of my late father, Dr. Salar Farahmand, for his nonstop unconditional Love, his advice & guidance, and for encouraging me to always be the best that I can be.  For more information about Dr. Salar, his research and the legacy that he has left behind, please visit the page that I made in his memory, In Memory of Dr. Salar


To my mother Janet, for selflessly dedicating her life to support Dr. Salar, and now me.









To my former teacher and mentor, Dr. Bruce Lipton, The Internationally renowned scientist and Best-selling author of the book, The Biology of Belief, for his teachings and for being a source of inspiration.


To my sister Foujan, for being my best friend and companion 


To our family dog Kari, for her constant, unconditional Love and loyalty for the past 8 years.


And to all those, near or far, for their genuine friendship and support



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