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Cellular Detoxification

Body / Brain

By Dr. Farzad Farahmand:

Toxins are defined as any Chemical substance that can have a harmful effect on living organisms.  In Toxicology, any Chemical substance, whether synthetic or naturally occurring, can be considered as a toxin, depending on the amount or the dosage of the substance administered into the system.  In other words, the presence of too much of any substance in our body, even the healthiest of all chemical compounds, such as the water that we drink, or the oxygen that we breathe, can interfere with the proper functioning of the body.


Chemicals can enter our body through the air that we breathe, the food that we eat, the liquids that we drink, and through the skin.  Once inside the body, those Chemicals that are needed by the body such as Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids are circulated in the blood to go and nourish their target organs, while harmful Chemicals such as drugs and alcohol enter the main detoxifying organ, the Liver, to chemically be converted into compounds that are less toxic, or less harmful to the body.  The remaining or the excess of those harmful Chemicals are then filtered out and are eliminated through the Kidneys and the Digestive system.


The rate by which Chemicals enter the body, is not always the same as the rate by which they exit or are eliminated from the body.  In other words, not all excess Chemicals end up exiting or leaving the body.  Some remain and in time are stored within the cells.  The cells that make up the tissues, organs and systems in our body, become a storage site to toxins from cigarette smoke and traffic emissions, to food pesticides & preservatives, to toxins caused by emotional stress and more.  The accumulation of these toxic substances can affect our general health, our level of energy and vitality, our ability to think and concentrate clearly, our ability to lose weight, and can eventually lead to organ and system dysfunction.


Some of the early warning signs and symptoms that indicate the need for Detoxification include Fatigue, Lethargy or Low Energy, Allergies, Acid Reflux, Skin Rashes, Brain Fog & Memory Loss, Depression, Anxiety and Insomnia.


Approaches to Body Detoxification


There are many different types of approaches to Detoxification, most of which revolve around the diet.  These Diet based Detoxification approaches often involve severe food restrictions with such complicated steps as fasting or drinking only juices, which can often be difficult for patients to comply with, adhere to and follow through.  There are simpler Detoxification approaches that involve the use of Dietary Supplements and food replacement products, designed to target specific organs such as the Liver, the Colon and the Gallbladder.  These types of Detoxifications often referred to as Organ Detox, may also involve dietary restrictions, along with often unpleasant and difficult to follow, step by step procedures.


There are of course many other more simple and commonly talked about methods of Detoxification that we’ve all heard of before, such as simply eating more lettuce, squeezing lemon in water, drinking lots of Olive Oil, the use of Epson Salt for Liver and Gallbladder Detox, and more.  These methods may have worked in the past, during the days of our traditional, pre-industrial and pre-technological lifestyles when Toxins were structurally much simpler.  Today, with the introduction of more and more new and chemically complex Environmental Toxins, Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, Food Preservatives, Tobacco, Alcoholic beverages and Recreational drugs in our modern day lifestyle, we are facing a whole new era of Toxicity.  Therefore, we need to have a more updated, comprehensive, scientific and research based approach to detoxification, in order to combat and get rid of these chemically complex Toxins from our body.  In this article, I am excited to share with you the latest approach to Detoxification.  The complicated, yet so simple to follow, comply with and adhere to program called Cellular Detoxification, involving both the Body, and the Brain.  So let us begin…..



Cellular Detoxification   


Cellular Detoxification, is the latest scientifically and clinically researched Detoxification approach.  This more comprehensive approach involves the removal of harmful toxins, not just from certain specific organs, but at the Cellular level (from every cell of our body), including such Neurotoxins as Lead, Mercury and Aluminum that may be deposited deep into the Brain cells or neurons.  In addition to detoxifying specific organs such as the Liver and the Kidneys, this easy and simple to follow approach targets every cell in our body, removing toxins from the cells, and ultimately helping to clear and eliminate them from the body.  The program goes beyond just detoxification as its name suggest.  As it gets rid of the harmful (Bad) chemicals in the body, it also simultaneously provides the beneficial nutrition, or the Good chemicals that our body needs.  This carefully designed, systematic, 3 phase, 3 month long program involves taking only a few supplements in the form of capsules throughout the day, without any mandatory dietary restrictions, and complicated step by step, time managed procedures, making it easier for patients to comply with, adhere to, and to follow through and complete.


The Cellular Detoxification program takes place in 3 different one month long phases, involving a total of over a 150 different ingredients.1. The Prep (Preparation) Phase, 2. The Body Phase, and 3. The Brain Phase.


1.  The Prep (Preparation) Phase (Month 1)


The first month of the Cellular Detoxification program, The Prep Phase, is extremely important for it involves many significant processes that need to take place in order to prepare the Liver, the Gallbladder, the Kidneys, the Colon, and the rest of the Digestive tract to begin the detoxification process.  These procedures are necessary to take their course in order to prevent us from experiencing any uncomfortable toxic symptoms such as headaches or nausea during the course of the Toxins exiting our cells.


Through a series of very complicated chemical reactions referred to as Methylation, the Liver chemically converts both the exogenous toxins coming from our environment, and the metabolic toxins made in our body from our food, into less toxic, water soluble forms that can be eliminated from the body.  The botanical and nutritional ingredients in the capsules in the Prep Phase are designed to open up the detoxification pathways, and facilitate the Methylation processes to easily take place in the Liver.  In addition, the Methylation formula contains a synergistic blend of immune boosting, Anti-Oxidizing (Anti-aging), and Anti-inflammatory agents, including Curcumin, to help with modulating gene expression (Epigenetic), Co-factors to help our body naturally produce or synthesize its own neurotransmitters such as Serotonin and Dopamine for better mood and energy, and botanicals to help with Adrenal Fatigue and Stress management.


In addition to helping with the Methylation process in the Liver, the Prep Phase also helps colonize the Gut with Good Bacteria or Probiotics to restore proper balance of the Good versus the Bad bacteria in the Gut, through a highly potent capsule called the Microbiome Colonizer (MBC), containing 10 different strains of Probiotics, each of which with a 100 billion CFUs (Colony Forming Unit).  The capsules containing the Microbiome Colonizer are specially coated to resist being dissolved in the Acid environment of the stomach, before reaching the Alkaline environment of the small Intestine.  Once the capsule breaks down and dissolves in the small Intestine, it colonizes the lower bowel with Probiotics or the Good bacteria.


Furthermore, included in the Prep phase is a special synergistic formula that supports the cells in producing more energy, by optimizing the function and stimulating the production of more Mitochondria in our cells.  Mitochondria, are the membrane bound structures in our cells where energy is stored.  They are often referred to as the powerhouse, or the battery of our cells, acting as a furnace that burns the fuel.  Mitochondrial Biogenesis, or the production of more Mitochondria in the cells, is equivalent to having more energy and vitality.


The synergistic Liver formula in the Prep Phase helps support Liver tissue function, in addition to supporting the Gallbladder, and the synergistic Kidney formula helps to cleanse the bladder and the kidneys, as well as to help improve kidney tissue function and urine flow.


Another extremely important process that takes place during the Prep Phase is the optimization or the regeneration of the cellular membrane.  This optimization process involves not only the layer or the selectively permeable membrane surrounding our cells, but also all the membranes and layers that surround the structures within our cells, including the nuclear membrane, or the membrane surrounding the nucleus of our cells, the Mitochondrial membrane and more.  During this optimization process, the cell membranes become more receptive to the uptake of hormones and nutrients, as well as becoming more receptive to Detoxification.  In other words, optimizing the cell membranes facilitates the uptake, absorption or the movement of the Good Chemicals from the outside to the inside of the cells, and the expelling, the getting rid of, or the movement of the Bad chemicals from the inside, to the outside of the cells.


In summary, the products in the Prep Phase help enhance the Microbiome, or the ratio between the Good versus the Bad bacteria in the Gut, they help enhance the process of Methylation (Detoxification) in the Liver, they help increase Mitochondrial production in the cells, they help improve Liver and Kidney function & help open up the Liver and Kidney Detoxification pathways, as well as optimizing cell membranes for better absorption of nutrients into the cells, and the better elimination of Toxins and waste products from the inside to the outside of the cells.


All the involved above mentioned complicated procedures in the Prep Phase are achieved with 7 different synergistic products in the form of capsules, simply divided into a morning and an afternoon packet, taken either with or without food.  This first month Phase is extremely effective in preparation of the body for a smooth and pleasant, upcoming, comprehensive Cellular Detoxification process.



The Body Phase (Month 2)


The actual Cellular Detoxification begins in the second month, referred to as the Body Phase.  At this point, the detoxification and the drainage pathways are prepared, and the Liver, the Kidneys, the Bowels, the Microbiome, and the Cellular membranes are all primed, prepared and ready for the detoxification process.


The processes of Methylation in the Liver to support better Liver function & detoxification, plus Mitochondrial Biogenesis to improve Cellular energy and overall vitality, and the Cell membrane optimization and regeneration process mentioned above, are all carried on from the Prep Phase and continue on throughout the Body Phase.  In addition, powerful synergistic formulas are added in the Body Phase to achieve an effective and efficient month of Cellular Detoxification, drainage and Toxin elimination.


Glutathione is an Anti-oxidant (Anti-aging) molecule that plays a crucial role in Cellular Detoxification.  The powerful synergistic formula in the Body Phase called GCEL also known as intracellular Glutathione, contains precursors to stimulate the cells to produce more Glutathione.  This stimulates and enhances the efficiency of the Cell Detoxification process from the inside to the outside of the cells.  Increased levels of Glutathione within the cells, facilitates the Detoxification of micro-toxins, heavy metals, and other unwanted substances from inside to the outside of the cells.


Another powerful and extremely influential formula in the Body Phase is called BIND.  Once the Toxins exit and come out of the cells and into the interstitial fluid or the surrounding tissues, they need to be eliminated from the body, otherwise they would be reabsorbed back into the cells and into our organs and systems, through a process referred to as Re-intoxication.  And this is where the formula BIND comes into play.  This synergistic formula, also known as the Toxin Eliminator, provides super activated Charcoal, with a synergistic and comprehensive array of substances to support the body’s normal and natural purification processes.  BIND as its name suggests, has an extremely high absorbability and binding capability to such Toxins as pesticides in our foods, and such heavy metals as Mercury, Lead and Aluminum.  It binds to the Toxins, preventing Re-intoxication and re-absorption of Toxins back into the cells.  Super active Charcoal is capable of absorbing 300 times its molecular weight.  There are also significant amounts of Magnesium in the formula, in order to keep the bowels mobile in the process of readily moving, transporting and efficiently shuttling out the Toxins through the intestines and out of our system.  Once the Toxins are bound to the Charcoal, they become a molecule too large for the body to reabsorb through the intestine, and thus are eliminated through the stool.


After one month of Body Phase, we are ready to move on to the next phase in our journey to Cellular Detoxification, the Brain Phase….


The Brain Phase (Month 3)


There are a variety of Toxins that have the affinity to bind to, and be stored in our Nervous system, specifically in our Brain cells or Neurons.  These types of Toxins are categorized as Neurotoxins.  Neurotoxins can either be substances or elements such as Lead, Mercury, Aluminum & other heavy metals, or they can be Chemical compounds or Bio Toxins produced by Live, Biological organisms.  Among the Bio Toxins that can be stored deep into Brain Tissue are Myco-Toxins produced by Fungal organisms such as Mold.  Neurotoxins can build up and get stored in our Brain cells or Neurons, causing Inflammation in the Brain referred to as Neuroinflammation, and can interfere with the proper functioning of the Neurons, as well as the proper communication between our Brain cells, and the normal electrical activity in the Brain.


Neurotoxicity can cause such symptoms and conditions as:


  • Brain Fog (Confusion & Disorientation)

  • Short and Long term Memory Loss

  • Decreased mental clarity & Concentration

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

  • Low Energy

  • Resistance to Weight Loss, despite following perfect diet and exercise

  • Loss of Sex Drive

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Panic Attacks

  • Insomnia (Sleep Difficulties)

  • And more….. 


Long term Neurotoxicity can ultimately cause such serious and devastating Neurologic illnesses as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease.  Prenatal (Before Birth) heavy metal toxicity has also been linked to such disorders as Autism and Asperger’s Disease. 


Another very important, common and yet overlooked toxicity is Mercury toxicity, resulting from dental amalgam intoxication.  Due to the insidious, gradual and subtle onset of the symptoms of Mercury intoxication, it is often very difficult to relate the cause of the symptoms to Mercury.  Symptoms of Mercury intoxication include, inability to concentrate, fearfulness, headaches, fatigue, weakness, Depression, insomnia, and more. 


Lead has been shown to interfere with the activity of a Brain Neurotransmitter called GABA, responsible to help us calm down and relax.  Lead toxicity in the Brain has been linked to kids with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), who cannot calm down and relax. 


The synergistic formula, Brain DTX in the Brain Phase, primarily contains the substance called Alpha Lipoic Acid abbreviated ALA.  ALA, is an extremely effective Heavy Metal chelator (binder), known to relieve symptoms of Neurotoxicity, especially Heavy Metal toxicity in the Brain, by binding to and pulling Heavy Metals and other Neurotoxins out from deep tissues in the Brain.  Furthermore, ALA has the ability to cross and break open the Blood Brain Barrier, or the selective Barrier that separates the Brain from the rest of the Body, in order to allow the Toxins in the Brain to cross over to the body, down their concentration gradient, followed by being shuttled to the GI tract for elimination.  Along with the Alpha Lipoic Acid in the Brain DTX formula comes the herb Ginkgo Biloba, which can improve concentration, memory and cognitive function by increasing blood circulation to the Brain, and protecting the Brain from neuronal damage.


The GCEl continues its cell detoxifying action from the Body Phase to the Brain Phase, by also crossing the Blood Brain Barrier to help naturally increase Glutathione levels within the Brain Cells or Neurons, therefore facilitating Cellular Detoxification in the Brain.


Once drained from the Brain into the Body, the Toxins are captured by BIND to prevent Re-intoxication or the Re-absorption of the Toxins back into the cells, and are shuttled efficiently to the GI tract for elimination and removal from the body via the same process discussed earlier.


The synergistic Methylation formula in the Prep Phase and the Body Phase, along with the synergistic GCEL and BIND formula from the Body Phase are carried over into the Brain Phase, with the addition of Brain DTX, containing Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), and the synergistic Multi Mineral plus formula (MIN) to replenish the body with essential Minerals, and to compensate for any possible macro or micro (trace) mineral deficiency in the body as a result of the detoxification process.


Each of the 3 Phases of the Cellular Detoxification process can be repeated depending on the severity and the duration of the patient’s symptoms.  Repetition of the Brain Phase (Month 3) is highly recommended in most patients before they experience significant relief of symptoms, as this Cellular Detox program is the only approach that addresses Heavy Metal Toxicity, Biotoxins and other Brain Neurotoxicity.


Cellular Vitality (Maintenance Phase for Month 4 and beyond)


Once the cells of our Body and the Brain are Detoxified, it is extremely important to keep the detoxification pathways open, and to continue to support our general nutritional needs in order to maintain the optimum Cellular Wellness that we’ve worked so hard on to achieve.  With only 5 different formulas taken together once a day with or without food, we can nutritionally maintain the state of health & wellness and cellular vitality that we have achieved during the previous 3 Cellular Detoxification phases.  The Methylation formula, the GCEL and the Cell membrane optimization formula used in the previous Phases are carried over to the Cellular Vitality Phase, with the addition of a Whole Food Multivitamin supplement, containing nutrients in proportions as nature has intended, and an addition of a synergistic Vitamin D formula containing over 4000 IUs of Vitamin D3, among other ingredients.   


For the best results, the Cellular Vitality packet can be used and supplemented as an ongoing Cellular Wellness packet in the months or even years to come, along with other individualized nutritional supplements, Gemmotherapy Drops, and other recommendations in the Illness to Wellness maintenance Protocol.




Toxins can create a block to the flow of Light (Life Force), also known as Bioenergy within and in between the cells, impairing both the function of the cells, and the communication that is needed from cell to cell, to ensure proper Tissue, Organ and System function.  Toxins can also interfere with the electrolytic balance in the cells, particularly in nerve cells or neurons, blocking the passage of ions, therefore diminishing electrical nerve transmission.


Cellular Detoxification is a carefully designed systematic and comprehensive, scientifically & clinically proven safe and effective process of removing the Physical / Chemical Toxins from the cells in our body, therefore restoring the body’s own natural healing potential.  By removing Toxic substances and debris from the cells, we open up space for the intelligent Light (Life) energy, the Electromagnetic vital force or the Bioenergy to shine onto, penetrate, and run through the cells, in order to restore wellness throughout the body.  In addition, Cellular Detoxification can also maximize the effect and the duration of the results of any subsequent treatments.  Following the program, patients often report increased mental clarity and cognition, higher Energy levels, reduction or elimination of Headaches, better mood, decreased joint pain, improved digestion, better sleep, ability to lose weight more easily, having a general feeling of well being and more. 


I hope that I’ve been able to paint the big picture of this highly recommended first step in the Illness to Wellness Protocol.  As a Cellular and Molecular Biology major during my undergraduate university studies, and as a Wellness researcher and practitioner for the past 15 years, I cannot emphasize more the importance of Cellular Health in our overall sense of well being.  And as I wrote in my article, From Illness to Wellness, there are countless numbers of symptoms that we all complain of, yet there are only 5 major categories of Causal Factors for those symptoms.  Addressing those 5 Causal factors can help us prolong our longevity, minimize our suffering from various illnesses, and help us achieve and maintain wellness, not only at the Physical level, but also at the Emotional and the Spiritual level.  For more detailed information on the 5 major categories of Causal factors for illnesses beyond symptoms, I invite you to visit my article, From Illness to Wellness.


As always, I wish all of you a well deserved lifetime of Health, Joy and Peace of Mind.


Dr. Farzad Farahmand


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